Welcome to Pooch Date...the social network exclusively for dogs and their owners.
Welcome to Pooch Date! We are a small non-profit dog site created for your enjoyment. We are happy to provide you with a convenient way of meeting other dog owners in and out of your area. We hope you can keep close interaction with other Pooch Date members by creating a custom profile for your Pooch complete with pictures, videos, and a good description. Feel free to post your own events, be it just a dog park meetup or a walking group. We will help you advertise the events you post for free so all interested dog owners will be able to join in on the fun. We also have lots of dog events that you can attend, which you can find on our "Events" tab. 
   I personally host at least 1 event a month in the southern Massachusetts area. I would like to see 1 Pooch Date host per state doing the same. Its very fun and we get lots of good exersize. 
   I know the site has a lot off quirks and user issues right now, but please leave feed back on changes you would like to see. I am currently building the new Poochdate, but it is a slow process. Please join and hang in there with the issues and soon the site will have everything you folks request. Thanks again for your understanding and patience and most of all enjoy the site.  




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