Puppy Play Date Group of Contra Costa County (California)

Puppy Play Date Group of Contra Costa County (California)

Puppy Play Date Group of Contra Costa County
contra costa county
United States
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Join this group and let others in your area know you are intrested in a puppy play date...A tired pooch is a happy pooch ;)

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  • Jester
    by Jester 7 years ago
    Is closed at moment. They are working on it. Tell when they re-open.
  • Jester
    by Jester 7 years ago
    Brentwood Dog Park,
    Brentwood CA 94513

    Been trying to get there at 5pm and stay to dark 6:30.
    Here soon it will be to cold let alone to dark.

    It will be getting darker earlier, and earlier
    to 4pm some time near Dec. "So sad."
    Until some time in Jan. and then back to light later, and later. LOL
  • Jester
    by Jester 8 years ago
    Jester... Try's to get to the Fremont Dog Park every Mon., Wed., Fri., between 10am and Noon.
    Try for every night to get to the Brentwood Dog Park...
    Tue we usually miss and Thur with Training class can be hard or supper late.
    We shoot for 5pm or 6pm... usually 7pm... lol and stay till 8pm - 830pm
    Love to see you there if you want to join the group and play with us.
    I'm trying to get my dogie friends to get their pet adult owners to do so... but they always say they are just to busy... tomorrow.
    So Hoping today is tomorrow... LOL Ruff