Nov 9th

2 Female/ 1 Male Pit Bull Terrier: An adoptable dog in Weymouth, MA

By Dude
3 Puppies looking for there forever home. Karma is the mother of these little guys. We got a call about a dog that was pregnant and the family didn't know what to do so one of our fosters took her in and has been caring for her and the puppies ever since. There is 1 male and 2 females. There is a adoption fee of $350. Which will include first set of shots. A contract will be signed ensuring that all puppies will be spayed/neutered by 7 months of age, puppy classes are expected, and a home visit will be done prior to accepted approval for any puppy. They will be ready for adoption around Dec 18th. Depending on there health. Please email or call Deanna at True Love Pit Bull Rescue.
Mar 3rd

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Someone from our Meet UP is in a sad situation.  They have not attended in almost 2 years, as the husband has been very ill and in hospital quite a lot.  The wife is always at the hospital with him, so the dogs are not getting a good life.

They have come to the difficult decision to rehome their dogs.  All 3 are fixed, up to date on shots, and she has all the paperwork.  She wants the 2 females kept together if at all possible.  She is in tears about this, and has asked me to notify the group in case anyone is interested.  She did not say about the rehoming fee; but she kept emphasizing that they need a much better quality of life, and she wants to be sure they go to a good home (s).  So she is not trying to make money on this.

Hailey - 3 year old female bichon frise - gentle and affectionate - 12 pounds
Abigail (Abby) 2 year old female bichon frise - spunky and affectionate - 12 pounds
Benji - 1 year old male Maltese - playful little clown - very affectionate.  6 pounds.

Please contact me at sfsamm@yahoo. com if you want more info.  I should have photos later this evening.

And please say a prayer for this family from our Meet Up.  Many of the newer members never met them; but I think all of us can appreciate how difficult this must be for the 5 of them.