Dec 29th

Gooseberry Island, Westport, MA

By Odin

For a cool place to take your dog, Gooseberry Island in Westport, MA is where it's at. Gooseberry is pet-friendly year round. The Island is located in Westport, MA just past Horseneck Beach State Reservation. Follow Route 88 all the way to the end, then take a right onto E Beach Road. Go Straight on E Beach Road and it will bring you right to the beginning of the causeway for Gooseberry Island.

The island is really an island, it is connected to the mainland by a man made causeway that you can drive your car on to get to the parking lot. During the busier times, the parking lot on the island fills up and some parking is available at the beginning of the causeway.  Cars cannot get by when the gate closes at 8:00 but people and dogs are able to walk in. It's not only a fun place to explore but beautiful ocean views and beaches.


Jul 28th

Dog Beaches on Cape Cod

By Darling

Barnstable beaches

Dogs are allowed on Barnstable public beaches from September 15-May 15 only.



Cape Cod National Seashore

Dogs on a leash are allowed year round except in lifeguard protected swimming areas and posted shorebird nesting areas.


Dogs are allowed on the beach only during the off season.

September 16-March 31.



Dogs are allowed on the beach only during the off season.

Labor Day-Memorial Day.





Dogs are not allowed on any of the town beaches at any time from May 15 through Labor Day. They are, however, allowed at Dyer Prince Road/Rock Harbor Beach Area before 8:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m. All dogs must be leashed.



Dogs are allowed on the beach only during the off season.

October 1 through April 30.



Dogs are allowed on the beach only during the off season.

Labor Day-Memorial Day



Orleans(Nauset Beach)

From a point South of Nauset Beach parking lot to trail one, dogs are prohibited from May 15 to Labor Day. From a point South of trail one to the Chatham lnlet, all dogs must be on a leash of not more than 30 feet at all times, unless below the high tide mark, from May 15 through Labor Day. Dogs are prohibited from areas closed to vehicle or human traffic for Piping Plover protection.




Dogs are allowed on the beach, on a leash, only during the off season.

October through March.



Dogs are allowed, on a six-foot lead, before 9:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m. on the following beaches from the 3rd Saturday in June through Labor Day: Duck Harbor, Newcomb Hollow, Cahoon Hollow, White Crest and Maguire Landing

Race Point Beach in Provincetown



When it comes to Cape Cod dog friendly beaches, Race Point Beach has to be the #1 choice. Dogs are allowed year round on the beach, and here's the best part, they are allowed off leash from 6AM to 9AM all summer long. So yes, you can let Rover run in the sand and romp in the surf...on Cape the've got to love it!


Race Point Beach is a very wide beach on the Atlantic featuring some of the most scenic dune landscapes on the Cape. The water here is chilly, with big surf and strong undertows. Amenities include:




Located on Race Point Rd. off of Rt 6

Jul 28th

Dog Beaches In MA

By Darling
MA Singing Beach; Manchester-by-the-Sea Dogs allowed from Oct. 1 thru Apr. 30
MA Cape Cod National Seashore Dogs allowed on beach on lead except fron May 15 to October 15. During this period dogs are prohibited on nature trails, bathing beaches, and shore bird nesting areas (often whole beaches) and the restriction extends to Nauset (town) ocean beaches in Orleans and Eastham and the Nauset Inlet and Pleasant Bay beaches during this period.
MA Cape Cod Rock Harbor Beach allows dogs off leash but is now off limits between Memorial Day and Columbus Day.
MA State Parks Dogs allowed on lead in all state parks with the significant exceptions of Gallop Island, George's Island, Halibut Pt., South Cape Beach (as well as some inland sites).
MA Provincetown The last time we were up there, all of the beaches allowed dogs on lead. Found no restrictions to the contrary.
MA Duxbury Beach Dogs allowed on beach on lead or other effective control year round, with specific area restrictions from May 1 to Sept. 15
MA Plum Island Dogs allowed on beach off lead from October 15 to May 15.
MA Nantucket Many beaches on the island are dog friendly.
MA Cuttyhunk Island (northwest of Martha's Vineyard) Entire island (including the beach) is dog friendly. Dogs should be leashed in public areas.
Jul 28th

Rexhame Beach, Marshfield, MA

By Layla
We spent a wonderful afternoon at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield.  Dogs are allowed on-leash altho we saw many running off-leash especially as the day went on and more of the people had left.  Alot of dogs were chasing balls into the waves and an amazing Boston Terrier was playing frisbee.

The beach is a bit rocky in parts but that only bothered the two-legged folks.  There is a snack bar and restrooms  and it costs $10 weekday (and 15 or 20  weekends) for non-resident parking.  After 6pm, no one was manning the 'toll booth' (but the snack bar and restrooms were closed).  

It took about an hour to get to the beach from Sharon:  take Rte 3 to exit 12, follow 139East for 5-6 miles and a left onto Winslow (which becomes Standish) to the end.  You'll know the left is coming when you see the Rexhame mini-market.  Have fun - we did!
Jul 17th

AShland state Park

By Kappa & MIsha(little stinker)

 Stewart posted most of the parks in one of the other posts.

And i would like to recommend, Ashland state park in MA.  If u love water u r gonna like it a lot. There is a lot of trails to check out but my favorite part is the beach. There are tons of dogs coming and beside fun in the water, u can socialize with other pooches.

THe only one disadvantage is that some local folks come there with their little kids, and if  the four legged is not behaving well around little kids, its better to just take a walk around the reservoir.

So if u have some time during the week or on a weekend, try Ashalnd State park!

Jul 14th

Stoddards Neck and Gps Directions

By Stewart (Pooch Dates Top Dog)
410 Lincoln Street
past the 99 restaurant at the base of the bridge
Hingham, MA 02043



  • Stodders Park. Route 3A. Just inside Hingham - outside of Weymouth Only one small entrance/exit--very safe. Lots of dogs and fun off-leash!
  • Stoddard Neck Park. Off leash dog park. Dirt paths and beach area. Large grassy hill. Dogs are allowed off leash. Usually bags and jugged water are available, provided by patrons of the park, Water bowls are also around the park for use. Local favorite of dog owners, a peninsula with only one gated entrance approx 1 mile walk around waterfront (inland ocean). Many dogs always off-leash, big field for running, bring poop bags and water. Location: Rte. 3A just over the bridge on the Hingham/Weymouth line. Directions: Rte 3A south across the bridge just into Hingham.
Jul 14th

Ponkapoag Pond With Your Dog

By Stewart (Pooch Dates Top Dog)

Possible New Venues - Blue Hills Reservation, Ponkapoag Pond Section

Posted Apr 23, 2008 2:04 PM
Rockland, MA
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Blue Hills Reservation, Ponkapoag Pond Section

Many visitors use State Route 128 to reach Blue Hills Reservation, and who can blame them--it runs right through the middle of the park. But the highway, also known as Interstate 93, can feel a lot like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, with cars jockeying frantically for position. Most drivers are so busy navigating the traffic that they don't even notice the lovely, peaceful wilderness surrounding them.

If you're one of the lucky drivers taking the Ponkapoag Trail exit (yes, the trailhead has its own exit), get ready for a wonderful transformation. Soon, the drone of the traffic begins to fade and color returns to your knuckles. You realize that the leaves are changing, the dog pops his head out the window to breathe in the fresh scents, and your heart rate slows to less than a high-speed hum.

The sunshine sparkles off the ripples on Ponkapoag Pond. In the eastern corner of the lake, marsh grasses sway in the cool breeze, and across the water the many colors dapple the Blue Hills in the fall. The Great Blue Hill itself towers over all the beauty in silent repose.

The best hiking route is the Ponkapoag Trail, which loops around Ponkapoag Pond. A flat, dry run about four miles long, it passes through thick woods, along numerous shore points, and over marshes.

Be sure also to visit the innovative Boardwalk Trail. Built in the 1930s by a professor from a local college, it is constructed out of a base of logs placed hydroponically in the marsh. Then other flat-cut logs are placed over that. The trail rises and falls depending on how wet the season is, and it's a bit like walking on a rope extension bridge. Find the trail off the Ponkapoag Trail at the northwestern corner of the pond. Your tippy, tottering hike traverses the Ponkapoag Bog for almost a half mile, leading you into the middle of a wonderful, solitary, wet wilderness. The terrain is unlike any you have seen before, mainly because the area around it is like quicksand. Without a proper walkway, it would be impassable. At the end of the trail is the extra treat of the clear, clean water of Ponkapoag Pond; dogs love to "walk the plank" as they swim after sticks. On a hot summer day, you'll probably want to go for a dip too.

The Blue Hills attract many visitors year-round, but most of the crowds who come to climb the Great Blue Hill miss the Ponkapoag Pond section. In fact, you may often have the pond to yourself.

Dogs are welcome on leash in the Metropolitan District Commission park (but are often off leash under voice command). Free trail maps are available at the park headquarters in Milton, and for $1 you can get a large color map.

Directions: From State Route 128/Interstate 93, take Exit 3 to Ponkapoag Trail south. Teh northern parking lot and trailhead are right at teh highway exit. To reach the other park access points from State Route 128 take Exit 2A to State Route 138 south Washington Street. For the eastern parking lot, turn left into the MDC Ponkapoag Golf Course at the Turnpike Street/ State Route 138 intersection. For the southern parking lot, continue straight on Turnpike Street and turn left on Randolph Street. Turn left in to Blue Hills Reservation parking lot at the Westdale Road intersection. The park is open from dawn to dusk, but the southern parking lot is only open from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. (781) 698-1802

A short hike to a quaking bog through the Avenue of Maples offers hikers a chance to see diverse and rare plant species. Due to its location near Route 128, Ponkapoag Pond is a popular hiking, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking destination. If you come here on a weekday, however, the reservation is usually free of people, even after work. The main trail makes a loop of 200-acre Ponkapoag Pond and a unique Atlantic white cedar bog, located on the property’s northwest side. The pond attracts all sorts of wildlife, including ospreys and great blue herons.
Jul 4th

Dog Beaches in Massachusetts

By Stewart (Pooch Dates Top Dog)

Salisbury Beach State Reservation

Your pet is welcome to play on the riverside beach at this state reservation known for its great fishing. Please keep pets on-leash.

Town Beaches

Provincetown is the ONLY town in Cape Cod with off-leash beaches! Dogs are welcome to roam (with their owners) off-leash from 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm in the summer and at any time in the winter. Town Beaches ...

Race Point Beach

Located on the Atlantic Ocean side of Provincetown, Race Point beach is great for viewing the sunrise. Dogs must be leashed from 9am to 6pm in the summer.

Doggie Beach

Pets are welcome to run and play off-leash at this wide, sandy Nahant beach.


Located at the beginning of Provincetown's West End. The breakwater provides hiking access to the very tip of Cape Cod at Long Point Light House. Great swimming location and area for gathering shellfish. Dogs must be ...

Castle Island Beach

Dogs are welcome to join you on-leash during the off season at this lovely South Boston beach.

Carson Beach

Pets are welcome to join you on-leash at this dog-friendly Boston area beach.

Kalmus Beach

Bring your pet with you to this beautiful Cape Cod beach. They're welcome to join you from September 15 to May 15 on or off-leash.

Indian Neck Beach

This beach provides gorgeous views of the harbor and island. A great place for a hike with your on-leash pet.