Nov 6th

Rocky Narrows Reservation

By Kappa & MIsha(little stinker)

After i found out that my company for morning hike in the Wompatuck state forest cancelled, i had to find something else to do, i wanted to bring dogs to new place but not as far away from home as Wompatuck was. After little research i decided on going to Rocky Narrows Reservation in Sherborne. 

It was only half hour away drive from home so its sounded good. 

I put reflective orange collars on dogs and inside-out my husbands bomber jacket on myself. I looked ridiculous but i decided that safety is more important than looks, all of that caused by the hunting season that is on right now.

I called reservation first to find out if the hunters are allowed there but the lady could not answer my question, i decided on going, hunters or no hunters.

The drive was easy and the place easy to locate. I was lucky, limited parking space may leave you with no choice but go back home, only 5 parking spaces, but there was one not occupied when we got there.

I saw a man getting back to one of the cars so i decided to ask him about the place,and if there were any hunters. He looked at me and laughed, he said he never has seen any hunters there for the last 15 years. SO he told me i could take the jacket off, i was so relieved, i did not feel comfortable with that thing on me.

Right behind the parking lot i found information post and maps. I took one map and we took off. I decided to follow red dot trail. The dogs constantly went off to the woods running. The weather was nice enough to keep steady pace without getting sweaty. the only thing i regretted was leaving my gloves in the car, it got a little chilly after a while. The trail was really good marked, i did not have any problems following the map. 

The dogs were running around in the swampy grass. After a little while we reached pretty nice ledge, with nice view on Charles River, i could see that if i tried i could go down the hill to the river. There were some people on the other side of the river doing some trials on small planes, i watched them doing flips in the air for couple of minutes. Of course i could not miss the opportunity for a swim for Kappa. I decided to climb down the rocks, dogs did not have any problem doing it, i had to be careful cause some of the rocks were slippery, after few minutes we reached the bottom and Kappa went for a swim, he fetched for me some sticks before we head back on the trail.  i took little off trail for a while but it dead ended so we had to go back to the main trail, the area was really nice, woody but open enough to enjoy walking.

We passed some narrow cliffs and headed for kayak landing. Access to the water was very nice out there, the dogs went straight to the river. After few seconds other two black dogs showed up and started sniffing around. Their owner showed up after a minute. 

We stayed at the water until they left. I noticed that KAppa started shivering so i decided to move on. We passed some more trail markers before i stopped to take some more pictures. And thats when MIsha took off. At first she was just running around with her nose in the ground like crazy and i did not think she would go anywhere but then she just went to the woods not turning even once. I thought she would be back right away like always but she did not show up, i could only hear her barking in excitement like she used to in the herding class, running after the sheep.

I could hear her bark fading away with each second. Somehow i had a feeling she would be back right away, but after 10 min she did not come back and i started to worry. I waited a little longer and i decided to go after her. I was not sure about that because the off trails area was swampy and wet, and bushy looking not accessible in many places.

I was charging through the bushes following the bark that i could still hear. Kappa stayed close to me, so i felt safer.  After a while i totally did not know where i was, and I barely could hear MIsha. I was calling her and whistling but she did not responded. I walked for another i think 15 minutes before i reached a path. I could hear Misha again but still very far away. I decided to get into the bushes once again. I had to cross 2 streams and my feet got wet, the ground was very soft out there and i started wondering if i could get stuck somewhere not being able to walk any more. 

I heard MIsha again. VEry quite bark, but it gave me  hope, cause i started thinking that she might have drown in the swamp somewhere. 

After a while i got out of the bushes and started to look for some sign to find out where i was. I sat on the tree trunk getting hopeless. BUt i could not just stay there, so i decided to walk, thinking that i finally i would see a trail mark or some people. I heard some voices and saw two people. I got out on the trail and i saw them with their dog and MIsha around them, i could not believe that she did not even try to find me!!! I was so relieved, i asked them to tell me where i was and how to get back to the parking lot. I was not that far away so i thanked them and we went straight for the car. But after 5 min MIsha took off again, i could not believe i did not put her on the leash, but i thought she would not do that any more. she did not care, she just went straight ahead to the wilderness. It took her around 10 min before she came back, i could hear sounds of geese or duck being startled and forced to took off up to the air, that must have been MIsha.

WHen she got out i called her and put her on the leash right away,she was all wet and stuck of rotten swampy water. THe whole hike took us 3 hours.

After all i recommend the place for anybody, its very nice, has enough trails for 3 hour hike, some pretty nice views and access to the river, the trails are marked very well and you can get a map near the parking area. ANd if you lucky enough and your dog stay s with u all the time u r gonna have nice time!!

I parked my car on the forest st parking lot, enough space fore 5 cars, there is another access to the reservation from different st with 5 parking spaces.

Jun 9th

dog parks and dog friendly places in Mass

By Stewart (Pooch Dates Top Dog)


Dog runs
Dogs may run without a leash at Fort Washington, located on Waverly Street between Erie Street and Putnam Avenue, and at Dog Park, at Mount Auburn and Hawthorne Streets. There are also leash-free zones at Danehy Park and at Fresh Pond Reservation. Please check with the management of those sites for more information. At all other parks, the City ordinance on leash control applies. And of course, dog walkers are required to pick up dog waste at all sites.

Welcome to Peters Park

Peters Park is in the heart of Boston's vibrant South End. Renovated in 2007, the Park is energized by a diverse neighborhood community and by the revitalization of Washington Street. Peters Park provides five acres of activity for people and families of all ages. It has a gated children's playground, baseball field, tennis court, and lighted basket ball courts. There is a fenced-in off leash Dog Park, lots of open space as well as gardens. The Park is an oasis for those who live and work in Boston's South End.

Friends of Peters Park, (FoPP) a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, is honored to be part of the Park's revitalization and upkeep. We believe that part of enjoying the Park is taking good care of it, so it is safe, clean, and fun for everyone who visits. In close partnership with the Boston Parks & Recreation Department, we work to support, maintain, and improve Peters Park as a unique part of life in our neighborhood. The Park is largely privately funded, and we encourage the community to get involved. We invite you to become a member, and join your neighbors whose membership contributions add up to provide a variety of improvements, initiatives and programs designed to enhance the safety and enjoyment of the park.


  • Great Hill Conservation Area. 2 mile trail loop through wooded area, other cross trails. Leash-free, well marked trails. Lots of other dogs, particularly late pm and Sunday morning. Gathering spot is large open field w/pond, off School Street, behind South Acton Fire Station. Location: School Street. Directions: From south: Take 27 north, turn right at light onto school street after crossing railroad bridge. From North: Take 27 south, turn left onto School Street at light, before railroad bridge. From East: Take Route 2 west to Route 117 exit, at light turn left  onto Route 27 S. Turn left at light before railroad bridge onto School Street. From West, Take Route 2E to rt. 27 exit. Turn left off ramp, heading toward Maynard. Go straight through first light. Turn left at next light onto School Street. From 117: take 117 to rt. 27 North. Follow directions for "From South." (Thank you Sandy Kay)


  • Woodsum Farm. Unfenced, off-leash. Location: Lions Mouth Road. Directions: From I-95 North: Take Exit 58B (RT-110 W), Turn Right to HIGHLAND St,Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto LIONS MOUTH RD. (Thank you Judy)


  • Ashland State Park. A beach, lots of wooded trails. Lots of dogs off leash, especially when walking through the woods and over the "dam". Great way to meet lots of dogs along your walk, unleashed. Directions: Rte. 495 to exit 21A to Rte. 135 east. Entrance on right. (Thank you Jeanette McCarthy)


  • Play Hound. Informally known as South Road Town Park.  Big open field abutted by construction site where balance of field is being developed. Parking on side of road. Location: South Road. Directions: Exit 31b, 1st left on Hartwell, 2nd Rt. on Maguire, which becomes South Road. 1 mile after right on Maguire - big open field on Rt., after new street Liberty road, Lots of dogs off leash.


  • Any park or conservation area in Harvard or Bolton. Harvard and Bolton have no leash laws, so any public land is available to people walking their dogs off-leash. There are lots of conservation areas with trails; major ones include Clapp (off Rt 110 south of Rte 2), Delaney (off Finn Rd. in Harvard), Bowers Springs (Harvard Rd. in Bolton or Bolton Rd. in Harvard), Vaughan Hill (Green Road in Bolton), Bolton Flats (Rte. 110 in Bolton) and Powderhouse Hill (entrance behind Bolton Town Hall). Directions: I-495, exits for Route 111 (Harvard) and Route 117 (Bolton); or Route 2, exit for Routes 110/111 (Harvard). (Thank you Bonnie Chandler)


  • Charlesgate Dog Run. Small fenced in area in heart of Boston, bench. Very small, but convenient to Back Bay dogs. (Needs a little TLC. Volunteers needed to help clean it up.) Location: Beacon St. and Massachusetts Ave. (next to the bridge). Directions: Go to the intersection of Mass. and Beacon. Walk towards the bridge on Mass. you will see the stairs to the dog run on the left hand side. (Thank you Mailei Brown)

  • Southwest Corridor Park. A small fenced-in dog park, similar to a tennis court. The Southwest Corridor Park is home to lots of on-leash dog walking. This place, seemingly in a converted tennis court, may host as many as a dozen dogs at busy times. Location: Carleton at Holyoke streets, Back Bay. Directions: This is roughly east of the Prudential Center and a quick, direct walk from Back Bay Station. (Thank you Mike Stucka)
  • Washington Street Park. Located on Washington Street and Berkeley St. Fenced, trees, tables. 


  • Brookline Ave Playground. Fenced in park, but not just for dogs. Large park (for Brookline), fenced in area where lots of dogs and their owners gather and socialize. Any time of day, and day of the week, there is someone there! Location: Brookline Ave and Aspinwall Street. Directions: Just north of Route 9, just west of Riverway. Take Riverway to Route 9 west, take the first right onto Brookline Avenue. Park is just on your left. (Thank you Whitney Johnson)



  • Fresh Pond, Cambridge, MA. Off leash path surrounds Fresh Pond Resevoir. Often there are many other dogs to interact with and there are a few ponds for those interested in a doggie paddle. Must have Cambridge resident sticker to park. Litter bags and trash barrels available. 2 sources of water. dogs restricted from running on grassy areas; The only dogs allowed off-leash at Fresh Pond are Cambridge resident dogs with an off-leash tag (permit) which is only available to Cambridge residents who purchase one. For these "off-leash permit" dogs, they are building a new open grass play area for off-leash play on the side closest to the big rotary, but again only open to residents who purchased the off-leash tag. All other dogs are considered "visiting dogs" will be required to be on-leash and will be fined for off-leash violations. One place to swim. Location: 250 Fresh Pond Pkwy. (Thank you Ann Stewart & Tyson Smith-Ra)


  •  Great Brook Farm State Park. "The farm and buildings at Great Brook Farm comprise a classic eastern Massachusetts agricultural landscape. The arrangement of open fields, sturdy walls, diversified woodlands and historic structures are significant images of our agricultural past. An active dairy farm operates year-round and guided barn tours are available from May to October. Amidst the beautiful scenery lie 20 miles of trails for hiking, bicycling and horseback riding. Notable Native American sites can be seen from these paths. During the winter months, trail-grooming allows skiing enthusiasts to take part in cross-country skiing. One of the farm buildings has been converted to a ski rental concession. Meadow Pond has a canoe launch and is ideal for fishing." Dogs can be off leash except near ice cream stand/parking lot.  Lots of trails/fields and other dog walkers.  Also ice cream stand in the park! There are horses so be sure to bring a leash with you. Location: 984 Lowell Street. Directions: Great Brook Farm State Park is located in north-eastern Massachusetts. Directions: From Rt. 128: Take exit 31B. Follow Route 225 West for 8 miles to the Carlisle center rotary, then turn right on Lowell St. (following the sign to Chelmsford.) Fern's Market is on the corner. The Park entrance is 2 miles ahead on the right. The Park Office (984 Lowell St) is just beyond the entrance also on the right. Make right hand turn onto North Road. Parking area is 1/2 mile down on left. From the West (Route 2): Follow to Rt. 495 North. Use directions below. From the North: Take 495 South to Exit 34. Follow Route 110 West for .6 miles to Chelmsford Center, continue through light onto Route 4 South for 1 mile, then take right fork onto Concord Road towards Carlisle. The Park office is 2 miles ahead on the left. The Park is just beyond the office , go left on North Rd, parking lot is 1/2 mile down on the left. From the South: Take Rt. 495 North to exit 32 (Westford & To Route 225). At the bottom of the ramp go right. At the lights go straight through. At the T intersection go left (onto Rt. 225). Follow Rt. 225 till you reach the center of Carlisle (small rotary with monument in the middle). Go 3/4 of the way around the the rotary onto Lowell Street towards Chelmsford. The Entrance to the park is two miles down the road on the right. The Park Office (984 Lowell St) is just beyond the entrance also on the right. (Thank you Juliana N)


  • Buffumville Lake. USACE flood control project. 200 acre reservoir with 7.2 mile loop trail. 27 hole disc golf course at dam site. Day use park off Oxford Road, boat launch across the street. Dogs allowed on whole project (except sandy beach), on leash. Location: End of Buffums Dam Road. Directions: I-395, exit 4B. Straight at the light, take left on Buffums Dam Road to end. (Thank you Jamie Kordack)


  • Lloyd Center for the Environment. Nature Center. Founded in 1978 and situated with its headquarters overlooking Dartmouth's Slocum River, one of southeastern New England's most spectacular estuaries, the Lloyd Center for the Environment has achieved a well earned reputation for excellence in environmental research and education. Through its innovative outreach programs, it has established itself as a highly regarded leader in the ongoing effort to raise awareness of the area's fragile coastal resources and the importance of protecting them. With extraordinary water views and five miles of trails (on which under-control dogs are most welcome!) through unspoiled forest and salt-marshes to be discovered at its coastal nature preserve, the Lloyd Center offers a variety of recreational and educational opportunities for families, birders, school-children, hikers, scientists and nature enthusiasts of all ages. Location: 430 Potomska Road. Directions: From Route I-195, take Exit 12 or 12A (one exit west of intersection with Route 140). Turn right at end of Exit ramp and go through three sets of lights to Route 6. Cross Route 6 and, after a half mile, bear left onto Chase Road. Go 3.5 miles to its end (STOP-sign) and turn right onto Russells Mills Road. Go nearly a mile and turn left, just before Davoll's General Store, onto Rock O' Dundee Road. Go nearly a mile and turn right onto Potomska Road. The entrance to the Center, at No. 430, is about 1.7 miles down on the right. (Thank you D'Arcy G. MacMahon)


  • Pope John Paul II Park. Not an official Dog Park. Large park (not fenced) bording the Neponset River that welcomes dogs (usually has pick-up bags there for you). Leash policy is not posted, but there are always dogs running around off leash. Park is usually quite busy with kids, bicycles, roller bladers, kites, soccer games, etc. Location: Neponset Circle on the Dorchester/Quincy line. Directions: From Boston and points North: Take 93 to exit 12 (Neponset/Quincy). Park is the the second right at the bottom of the ramp (after parking lot for Staples and Walgreens). (Thank you Carolyn Bloomberg)


  • Gilbert Hills State Forest. Located in Foxborough and Wrentham. Swimming for dogs, lots of trails, dogs can be off leash but motorized bikes share the park as well. Great in the winter, buggy in summer. Several water holes and brooks throughout many trails. Few large ponds for dogs to swim in. Caution for motorized bikes. Road to park not plowed in winter. They do have a hunting season. Heading south on route 1 from Walpole, enter Foxborough, pass State Police on left, pass ceramic pottery place on left, take next left onto High Rock Road. (Thank you Carla Spack)


  • Callahan State Park. Located at Millwood Road. Over 800 acres of wooded trails and open fields. a pond with a beach-type area where dogs play and swim.


  • Beaver Pond. Small Beach with few walking trails. Located at Beaver Recreation Area on Beaver St.  While there are no signs saying anything about any rules regarding dogs, I'm not sure you're encouraged to bring your dog here - yet I've never had a problem with someone telling me I couldn't have my dog running on the beach.  I limit my visits to off season hours and my dog loves to play in the pond!  There are a few walking trails off to the left of the pond that I have yet to explore so I'm not sure how far back they go. Location: Beaver St. (Thank you Marianne Fennell)


  • High Ridge. 2,018 acres all off leash. This area is open to hunting as it's run by the Mass. Fisheries and Game division. Where blaze orange from October to January. Location: Enter off of Rte 140 north in Gardner, behind the North County Correctional Institute on Colony Road, or just beyond Colony Road at the turn off that says "Wildlife viewing area. Directions: Take rte 2 west to exit 24, rte 140 north. The two entrances are on your right. There are other entances in Westminster and Ashburnham. (Thank you Alexiss Wheeler)


  •  Good Harbor Beach. A Scenic Beach that allows Dogs in off season. Sept 15th - May 14th. I would love to link with you and add your link to my new website  Hope to hear back from you! Great site! Location: Thatcher Road. (Thank you Daniel Driscoll)

Great Barrington

  • Green River. Several locations of Green River are great for letting dogs off leash on the hiking trails or to swim in the river. Location: Route 20 or Castle Hill locations. Directions: Route 20 entrance is on the left heading out of Great Barrington just before Country Club. (Thank you Meredith Dauger)


  • Groton Woods. Woods, trails, open fields, and river for swimming. Huge area, plenty of space to roam and explore. Good dogs and owners. Directions: 225 East, before reaching town center. You will pass a canoe rental shop on right and then pass over Nashua River. Immediately after passing over river there is a small turnoff (easy to miss) on right with parking for cars. Walk in at brick entrance with iron gate. (Thank you Michael Roche)


  • Burrage Pond and Wildlife Reserve. At least a hundred acres of non-working cranberry bogs, wide dirt trails and a sparkling clean pond for those whose dogs love water! This is a secluded heaven on earth. Location: Burrage Pond. Elm St. Halifax MA. (Thank you Jeannie Luscinski)


  • Any park or conservation area in Harvard or Bolton. Harvard and Bolton have no leash laws, so any public land is available to people walking their dogs off-leash. There are lots of conservation areas with trails; major ones include Clapp (off Rt 110 south of Rte 2), Delaney (off Finn Rd. in Harvard), Bowers Springs (Harvard Rd. in Bolton or Bolton Rd. in Harvard), Vaughan Hill (Green Road in Bolton), Bolton Flats (Rte. 110 in Bolton) and Powderhouse Hill (entrance behind Bolton Town Hall). Directions: I-495, exits for Route 111 (Harvard) and Route 117 (Bolton); or Route 2, exit for Routes 110/111 (Harvard). (Thank you Bonnie Chandler)


  • Bare Cove Park. Bring your own poo pick-up bag. No water faucet, but there are some fresh water sources through out the park. Bare Cove Park consists of 469 acres located along the banks of the Weymouth Back River in the town of Hingham. Over three miles of paved roadways are perfect for hiking, bicycling, and jogging. Wooded paths provide opportunity for walks and contemplation. The park is open from dawn to dusk. Dogs under voice control allowed off-leash. Location: Two entrances: Fort Hill St. and Beal St. Directions: Parking and park entrances are located on Beal Street and off Fort Hill Street. From Fort Hill Street, turn at Thomas Auto Body and follow the signs. (Thank you Leslie Beckwith)
  • Stodders Park. Route 3A. Just inside Hingham - outside of Weymouth Only one small entrance/exit--very safe. Lots of dogs and fun off-leash! (Thank you June Wilde)
  • Stoddard Neck Park. Off leash dog park. Dirt paths and beach area. Large grassy hill. Dogs are allowed off leash. Usually bags and jugged water are available, provided by patrons of the park, Water bowls are also around the park for use. Local favorite of dog owners, a peninsula with only one gated entrance approx 1 mile walk around waterfront (inland ocean). Many dogs always off-leash, big field for running, bring poop bags and water. Location: Rte. 3A just over the bridge on the Hingham/Weymouth line. Directions: Rte 3A south across the bridge just into Hingham. (Thank you Dwayne O. Lator & K. McCarthy)
  • Wompatuck State Park. 2800 Acres Former Military Reservation. Dogs are allowed off leash, except in the parking lots/reception areas. This is a former military ammunition base. There is approx. 12 miles of paved trails, as well as wooded trails. Tips: It is very easy to get lost and loose your sense of direction, the trails are poorly marked, and almost maze like in nature. You will come across abandoned military buildings which are pretty cool. There are lots of streams. Get a trail map at the reception center before you set out (the online one is poor) there are some trail markers every so often so the trail map will give you a general idea of where you are. Location: Union Street/ off Free Street. Directions: Exit 14 (Route 228) off Route 3 (North or South). Follow 228 @ 3.4 miles North towards Hingham to a right onto Free Street. Follow Free Street about 1 mile to the park entrance on the right. (Thank you Meredith Sprague)


  • Trout Brook Reservation.  Miles of trails and hills, babbling brooks - Beautiful place for off leash fun, bring the children too. There are also porta-pottys in the beginning of the trails with a huge wide open field, picnic tables - bring the hibachi! Lots of doggies off leashes - but make sure they are ok being around horses. Every once in a while you might see one or two. Location: Manning Street - off of Rt. 31. Directions: From Main Street in Holden (122a) Heading north - Take a right onto Highland Street (Rt. 31) follow for a couple of miles (approx) Take a right on Manning Street (convenience store on corner) Follow that for about 2 minutes. You will see the entrance on your left hand side. (Thank you Karen Finnegan)


  • Hopkinton State Park.  Beaches, boat dock your dogs can swim off of, trails through the woods. Off peak hours, there are tons of dogs there playing. During the day when the beach is open you are supposed to have the dogs leashed, but for the most part, in the wooded areas the dogs are off leash. (Thank you Jeanette McCarthy)


  • Appleton Farms Grass Rides. 5 miles of trails through the woods. Location: Highland Street. Admission free to members of The Trustees. $3 daily use fee for non-members. Green Dogs permit required to walk dogs. Directions: From Route 128, take exit 20N and follow Route 1A north for 4.5 miles. Turn left onto Cutler Road and follow for 2.2 miles. At intersection with Highland Street, turn right. Parking area (20 cars) immediately on right. The Highland Street parking area provides access to Appleton Farms as well. (Thank you Kimberly Blanchard)

Kingston & Duxbury

  • Bay Farm/silver Lake Sanctuary. Kingston and Duxbury. Bay Farm is great, lots of other dogs and people, and a beach on the end for the dogs to swim. During the summer there are mowed paths through the tall grass, they mow the whole thing out in winter and it is a giant field. Dogs are alloed off leash but must be under owner's control. Part of the Bay Circuit. Bay farm is 66 acres of Farmland on Kingston Bay, lots of dogs, a beach and offleash. Silver Lake is 92 acres wooded on Silver Lake, off leash, not alot of other people. Location: Bay Farm is on Landing Road on the Duxbury side of the Duxbury/Kingston Line. Silver Lake is off the south side of route 27 in Kingston just east of the pemboke/Kingston liine. Long dirt road. Directions: Silver Lake is set far off the road about 1/2 mile. There are multiple trails through the woods and a small beach on Silver Lake. It is a great place to walk, but I have actually only seen (1) other person in the dozen of so times i have walked there with my dog. (Thank you Meredith Sprague)


  • Whisker Walk - Lancaster Fairground. Multi Organizational Benefit & Walk for NE animal shelters. A fun day for dogs and the humans that care for them (PLUS a dog walk-a-thon fundraiser for multiple animal shelters and rescue groups throughout New England). Multiple non profit animal rescue groups and any/all pet related vendors/manufacturers will come together for the first of its kind “event not to be missed” for pet lovers. Pet owners and animal lovers WALK to lend a paw, wing or fin for the shelters / rescues they love – as well as come to see exhibits, demonstrations, educational programs, special attractions, product giveaways, entertainment, food, fun and things for adults and kids to see, do and buy – both human and pet related! Location: Lancaster Fairground - Home of the Bolton Fair Rt 117. (Thank you Leigh Grady)


  • Willards Woods. Lush sunny fields, lots of dogs of leash, small pond dogs can swim in, bike trails, and shaded open forest too. Dog heaven. Very limited parking on North. Please be considerate of neighbors. Location: 56 North Street. Directions: Middlesex Turnpike off 128. East towards Arlington, 2nd set of lights make a right on Adams 4/10 mile, right on North St. Park 2/10 mile on left across from 56 North Street - or use Main Entrance. Pond is closer to North. (Thank you Play Hound)


  • Lynn Woods Reservation. Any dog not under effective voice command (dog must respond to the command immediately without having to be commanded a second time) must be on a leash. I suggest to anyone going to Willard's Woods bring a leash with them when they walk. Lynn Woods Reservation, a 2,200-acre municipal forest park located in Lynn, Massachusetts, is the second largest municipal park in the United States. 2,200 acres in Lynn, Lynnfield and Saugus - 2nd largest municipal park in the country Walden Pond=240 acres; Breed's Pond=208 acres; Birch Pond=82 acres Gannon Golf Course (18 hole)=180 acres; Gravel Fire Roads=10 miles; Official Trails=30 miles; Highest Elevation (Burril Hill/Stone Tower)=285 ft.; Longitude West 70 degrees-55'-30" to 71 degrees-00'-00"; Latitude North 42 degrees-27'-00" to 42 degrees-31'-00"; Directions: From Route 128 North or South: Take Exit 43 in Lynnfield. (From this point, it is 4.0 miles to Lynn Woods.) At the bottom of the ramp, head east, following signs to Walnut Street, Saugus/Lynn. At 1.5 miles, bear left at the fork. You will cross over Route One and continue into Lynn (the boundary is unmarked) on Walnut Street. At a blinking light, turn left onto Pennybrook Road (opposite O'Callaghan Way). Go to the end of Pennybrook Road and between two stone pillars into the reservation. From Route 1 North or South: Take the Walnut Street exit in Saugus and head east on Walnut Street into Lynn. At 2.0 miles, turn left at a blinking light onto Pennybrook Road. (Thank you Shannon Czel)


  • The Grove. Wooded trails and big open field at lake. This is a great area for well minded dogs, for there are no fences. Wooded trails lead you to an open field and lake. Location: On Marlboro/Hudson line. On Bolton St. Right before causeway and after Walmart. Right across from the big painted rock. Directions: 495 exit 25. take right onto Rt 85. After Wal-Mart but before causeway. (Thank you Liz Gill)


  • Jehu Pond. Jehu Pond conversation area. 1.7 miles of wide, easily walked trails. Mixed woodlands (pitch pine and oak) along salt marsh and Jehu Pond within the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge. Very lightly used. Almost everyone will have a nice dog off leash. Search the web for 'Jehu Pond' - you will find lots of interesting information about this area. Location: Great Oak Road or Red Brook Road. Directions: Rt 28 or Rt 151 to Great Oak Road (from Mashpee Rotary). Approx 1 mile past Red Brook Road. Parking area on left. (Thank you Bud Endress)
  • Quashnet River Conservation Area. Wide, flat trails along Quashnet River in Mashpee (Cape Cod) Mass. A real hidden gem. Very wide, flat trails along the Quashnet River in Mashpee. Lots of little trails to the side. Round trip from Martin Street to Mashpee High School is a nice one hour walk. Great off leash walk. No roads. Everyone you see will have a off leash dog. Terrific year round. Location: Martin St, Mashpee, Ma. Directions: Rt 28 (from Falmouth or Mashee) to Martin Street. (Thank you Bud Endress)


  • Sheepsfold Park. Located at Hwy 93 and Fellsway West. Benches, tables, poop bags, trees, water.


  • Medway Dog Park. Completely fenced, off-leash dog park. Only open during daylight hours. High secure fence with double gates, benches & poop bags available. Separate area for small dogs to play. Bring your own water. Location: Corner of Cottage & Village Streets. Directions: Rt. 495 to exit 19 Medway to Rt. 109. (Thank you Matthew Coles)

Newton Centre

  • Cold Spring Park. Un-fenced dog park. Location: Beacon St Parking Lot or end of Duncklee St (off of Walnut St). (Thank you Bruce Flenniken)


  • Walking trails to North River. Location: Historic downtown Norwell behind post office.

Oak Bluffs (Martha's Vineyard Is.)

  • Trade Winds. A old grass runway airport. Some Tennis courts abut it so there are piles of Tennis balls, Lots of well socialized dogs running free. but you DO have to watch for a plane once in a Blue moon! Location: Off County Rd. Directions: From Oak Bluffs center. Take the Main St on out to the 4 way Stop. Take your Left, 1/4 mi on your left a split rail fence & you'll see the open grass runways, sneak in the oneway St. 100'). (Thank You Carolyn Pearson)


  • Buffumville Dam. Ponds, trails, bathroom, Extreme Frisbee. Picnic Tables, Birdhouses, Just a nice place. Location: Buffum St. Directions: Exit 4B off 395 south. Straight thru lights, turn left onto Buffum St. Go straight to End. (Thank you Nequel Lathrop)
  • Hodges Village Dam. USACE flood control project. Dry-bed reservoir flood control project with river system (on the French River) and many types of wetlands. Over 20 miles of trails, The Midstate Trail crosses it. Much wildlife to see. No established recreation area. Dogs, on leash allowed on all 600+ acres. Location: End of Howarth Road. Directions: I-395, exit 4B. Straight at the lights, turn right onto Howarth Road to end. (Thank you Jamie Kordack)


  • Belle Island State Park,  Revere - East Boston. Great little park area to walk dogs - off leash is ok. Marsh area. Gravel path area to walk whole area of park. Picnic tables & parking available. Directions: Blue Line to Suffolk Downs Station, exit onto Bennington Street, turn left, the entrance is 500 yards on the right. (Thank you Claire Walters)


  • Leslie's Retreat Park. A great place to socialize your dog. Approximately 10-12 dogs at a time. Wide space for dogs to run and play off leash. A Pooch Pass is required to use this park. The Pooch Pass can be purchased from the Council on Aging located at 5 Broad Street in Salem. You can be ticketed without it. You need proof of spay/neuter. Money goes for up keep of the park. Location: Leslie's Retreat Park between Bridge and Commercial Streets, Salem. Directions: It is a little hard to find, but look closely as your crossing the bridge and look for a gazebo through a fence. (Thank you Amy Fawcett & Greg Perullo)


  • Breakheart Reservation/Bark Place. A fenced in area in Breakheart just for dogs. A great place to take the dog. Location: Forest Street, off Lynn Fells Parkway. Directions: Route 1 to Lynn Fells Parkway, entrance on Forest Street.  (Thank you Jill Simmons)


  • Sharon Dog Park. Large fenced in area for dogs to play off-leash. Location: Between Cedar and Gunhouse Street. Directions: From the North and South Shore: Route 128/95 to Route 95 South. Continue 4.5 miles to Exit 10/Coney Street. Turn left at top of ramp. Follow winding road (Route 27) for 2 miles to Sharon Center. Take a right on to South Main Street. At first traffic light, take a left on to East Foxboro Street. Continue 1/4 mile, parking is on the left opposite the ball fields. Park towards the back near the skateboard park. Follow the walking trail to the Dog Park. From Boston and South Shore: Follow the Southeast Expressway or Route 3 North to Route 128 North to 95 South. Take Exit 10 and follow directions above. From the South and Route 495: Route 95 North to Exit 8/Mechanic Street. Turn right at top of ramp onto South Main Street. Continue 2 miles to traffic light, take right onto East Foxboro Street. Continue 1/4 mile, parking is on the left opposite the ball fields. Park towards the back near the skateboard park. Follow the walking trail to the Dog Park. From the East: Take Route 27 West to Sharon center. Stay straight onto South Main Street. At first traffic light, take a left on to East Foxboro Street. Continue 1/4 mile, parking is on the left opposite the ball fields. Park towards the back near the skateboard park. Follow the walking trail to the Dog Park. (Thank you Elaine Johnson)


  • Nunziato Off-Leash Recreational Area. Fenced-in area (9,000 sq. ft.) in Nunziato Field. Dogs must be licensed. Other restrictions apply. Location: Summer Street at Putnam Street. (Thank you Michele Biscoe)


  • Fellway West. Off-leash wooded area. Many trails. Great hiking area. There are some mountain bikers. Location: Rt. 28 in Stoneham. Take 93N to Stoneham. Enter roundabout and exit at 9 o'clock. Follow South Border road- the Fells is on your right all along S. Border. (Thank you Kristen Bellamy)


  • Delaney Park. Trails ranging from expert terrain to wide and flat make the Delaney Flood Control Area ideal for anyone from kids to the avid outdoorsman to enjoy. The flood control area extends into neighboring Harvard. Boating-non motor, fresh water fishing, nature observing, picnicking, walking/jogging. Location: Entrance on Harvard Road. (Thank you Beth Gagnon)
  • Marble Hill Natural Area. Miles of trails for hiking and cross country skiing in acres of woodlands. Very out of the way - you rarely encounter other hikers on these trails. No ponds or streams. Location: Taylor Road or Route 117. Directions: Park at Pompositticut School on Rt 117 in Stow when school is not in session or parking area on Taylor Road (anytime). Rt 117 to Packard Road, left on Taylor Road. (Thank you Bud Endress)


  • Merrimack River Trail. All types of trails. Hard/easy. Not really sure of the name of the trail but its starts by the water treatment plant off river road. There are trails along the river and further off shore. The trails along the river is easy. The ones off shore get tough. Location: Its right off river road. Down the street where the water treatment plant is. right by Trull brook golf course. (Thank you Chris McCarthy)

Wellesley Hills

  • Centennial Park. 42 acres of trails and fields. Nice pond and parking area. Great off-leash dog park if your dog is under voice command. Many dogs go there and great for exercise and socialization. Location: Oakland St. Directions: Take Route 9 from East. Almost hidden sign that says Centennial Park.


  • East Boston Camps. (Not An Official Area) Miles of walking trails. Some areas are off limits when children's camps are in session (summer season). Most dogs are off leash, but Westford does have a leash law so be careful. Location: 66 Depot Street. Directions: 495 South to exit 32 in Westford. Turn right onto Main Street and slight left onto Depot Street. Camp parking is located just over the railroad tracks near a fork in the road. Huge sign that says East Boston Camps - you can't miss it. (Thank you Rebecca Wrigley)


  • Tufts Veterinarian School Fields. Across from Vet School on Westboro-Grafton line. Most people bring their dogs and let them run off leash. The area is mostly fenced in with openings for entering and exiting; it does run along a main road and Commuter rail tracks so you need to be careful as a dog may run under the fence or through the exits. Location: Rt 30 be the Tufts Vet School. Directions: Rt 30. (Thank you Forest)


  • Cat Rock Park. An old ski mountain with great dog walking trails. Trails are not clear at times, so use caution. Park Hours: Dusk-Dawn. Location: 98 Drabbington Way. (Thank you Dog Walker)
  • Weston Resevoir. Located on Ash St (off route 30).  It is a 2 mile walk all the way around the resevoir.  Dogs can be off leash as long as they are under voice control. (Thank you Marianne Fennell)

  • Weston Woods.  Woods and walking paths around a fenced reservoir. Location: Ash Street. Directions: Rt 30. (Thank you Amy Conley)


  • Bear Cove Park. Trees, parking, trashcans.


  • Boynton Park. Open Field and Trails - wide and narrow, Hills with brook and some benches. Location: Mower Street off of Pleasant Street. Directions: Follow Pleasant street towards Paxton. Take right at 4th "Mower Street" - There will be a sign on the corner with an arrow saying Boynton Park. (Thank you Karen Finnegan