Jul 28th

Dog beaches In NH

By Darling
NH State Parks No dogs allowed on NH State Park beaches except as noted below.
NH Rye (including the State Beaches Dogs allowed from Oct. 1 thru Friday before Memorial Day weekend (unrestricted) and from Memorial Day weekend thru 9/30 -- before 8am and after 6pm
Jul 28th

Dog Beaches In ME

By Darling
ME Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park Pets are allowed in all park locations except Sand Beach, Echo Lake Beach, Isle au Haut campground, ladder trails and inside public buildings. Must be under control and not left unattended.
ME Popham Beach Pets are allowed in all park locations except Sand Beach, Echo Lake Beach, Isle au Haut campground, ladder trails and inside public buildings. Must be under control and not left unattended.
ME State Parks Dogs are allowed on beach, off leash. Pet Friendly camping nearby.
ME Higgins Beach, Scarbourgh Dogs are allowed any time of day from 9/16 to 6/14 (under voice control or leash). From 6/15 to 9/15, dogs allowed only 5 pm to 9 am (under voice control or leash)
ME Kittery Sea Point and Crescent Beaches. Oct 1-May 14, dogs allowed off-leash under owners control. May 15- Sept 30, only dogs licensed to Kittery residents allowed on the beaches. with no dogs allowed from 10 am to 5 pm from June 15-Sept 10.
ME York Four: York Harbor Beach, Long Sands Beach, and Short Sands Beach all offer lifeguards and restrooms. Dogs allowed until 8:00a.m. and after 6:00pm during the summer months. Cape Neddick Beach allows dogs (seemingly all the time).
ME Ogunquit Allows dogs from October 16th to April 30th.
ME Wells Wells has 3 beaches (Moody, Wells Beach, and Drake Island). Dogs are allowed on all although Wells does not allow dogs from 8 am to 6 pm in summer.
Jul 28th

Missing California

By Bulan
In California I was not judged.  I was just another fun loving dog.  People loved me, were not afraid of me and I had many doggie friends.  There wasn't a leash law and I romped around on my deadend street with my pals, Bitz, Bengal, Barny, Marly, Iris, and Owen, to name a few.  The local humans would watch over us, give us treats and say nice things.  Lake Tahoe was full of adventure, surrounded by beautiful lakes, fun rivers, mountains for hiking and is possibly the most dog friendly place in the world.  They say it's heaven for dogs, as there are more dogs per capita than humans. As well as no need for yucky tick or heartworm medicine due to the high altitude.  But most of all, I didn't have to worry about being who I am, a pit bull.  

Yes, I was just another fun loving dog...

Jul 28th

Rexhame Beach, Marshfield, MA

By Layla
We spent a wonderful afternoon at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield.  Dogs are allowed on-leash altho we saw many running off-leash especially as the day went on and more of the people had left.  Alot of dogs were chasing balls into the waves and an amazing Boston Terrier was playing frisbee.

The beach is a bit rocky in parts but that only bothered the two-legged folks.  There is a snack bar and restrooms  and it costs $10 weekday (and 15 or 20  weekends) for non-resident parking.  After 6pm, no one was manning the 'toll booth' (but the snack bar and restrooms were closed).  

It took about an hour to get to the beach from Sharon:  take Rte 3 to exit 12, follow 139East for 5-6 miles and a left onto Winslow (which becomes Standish) to the end.  You'll know the left is coming when you see the Rexhame mini-market.  Have fun - we did!
Jul 27th

Dog Parks in RI

By Jersey


OFFICIAL DOG PARKS- currently Open

Barrington Paw Park located behind the baseball fields on the western side of Haines Park. The dog park is open during regular park hours.

Newport Dog Park
The City of Newport's off-leash park is located on Connell Highway at the base of the Pell Bridge (directly across the street from the Newport Playhouse). The park is free and open to the public from 6AM to 9PM. All dogs over 6 months of age must be licensed. For a map and driving directions from your location click here.

Dexter Dog Park - in the west end of Providence at the Dexter Trainer Ground baseball field. Parade St.

Gano St. Dog Park (NEW)
About 3/4 acre fenced in area. Double gated entry. Adjacent basketball courts are lit, so there is some light for night time use. No other amenities now, but we are working on raising money for shade, benches, dispensers, etc. Location: Gano Street, entry from Power Street or Fremont Street.

Warwick Dog Park
The fenced-in facility is 33,000 square feet and features a spacious grassy area, a shady tree-filled section and several fire hydrants for the city's four-legged residents. There is a small holding area adjacent to the main park gate, where residents can safely unleash and leash their dogs, as well as several benches and bleachers for pet owners to use while their pooches play.
Directions: Take a left on Asylum Avenue from Buttonwoods Avenue. Go to the end (residential area). You will see a big sign "Warwick City Park." Turn into the parking lot and take the main road down a while. Fenced in dog park is on the right.


Chase Farm, Lincoln-
This place is amazing and beautiful. There seems to be pockets of times when some officials will hide and wait to ticket off leash dogs but I have yet to experience this.

India Pt. Park
in the winter is great fun. Summertime is too packed with kids so the dog people keep their distance but when it cools down you can find many dogs when the sun sets.

Rodger Williams Park -
I hear about lots of people visiting this spot.

Veezy St. - Providence, RI
Don't know the official name but it has become quite a local dog spot...but this one comes with lots of controversy with neighbors, walkers and police. Not sure if this should be recommended but it does exists.

Wanskuck Park Dog Park -
Prov. RI Located on Woodward Road, between Branch Avenue and Mineral Spring Avenue Open 24 hours. Fenced, benches, handicap access, trees, trashcans. Comments= a nice dirt walking path and a large open grassy area. Leash laws may be enforced so use at your own discretion. Fencing in disrepair and area is next to the street so use caution.

A large fenced in open area that dogs can go off leash. There is a small bench to sit while the dogs play. It is located next to the Richmond dog pound, just up the hill.

In the works:

Bristol Paw Park

Tiverton/Little Compton Dog Park

Jul 27th

Pets Imitate Thier Owners

By Jersey

Dogs automatically imitate people

Some dogs may look like their owners, but all dogs imitate their human companions

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Image: Dog and owner
The scientists suggest owners would do well to match their own body movements, whenever possible, to tasks at hand during training sessions.
by Jennifer Viegas
updated 7/28/2010 9:35:53 AM ET

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, dogs often shower us with praise. New research has just determined dogs automatically imitate us, even when it is not in their best interest to do so.

The study, published in the latest Proceedings of the Royal Society B, provides the first evidence that dogs copy at least some of our body movements and behaviors in ways that are spontaneous and voluntary.

In other words, they can't really help themselves when it comes to copying people.

"This suggests that, like humans, dogs are subject to 'automatic imitation'; they cannot inhibit online, the tendency to imitate head use and/or paw use," lead author Friederike Range and her colleagues conclude.

It's long been known that humans do this, even when the tendency to copy interferes with efficiency.

"For example," according to the researchers, "if people are instructed to open their mouths as soon as they see the letters 'OM' appear on a screen, responses are slower when the letters are accompanied by an image of an opening hand than when they are accompanied by an image of an opening mouth."

In a scientific first, Range — a University of Vienna researcher in the Department of Cognitive Biology — and her team tested this phenomenon on dogs. Ten adult dogs of various breeds and their owners, from Austria, participated in the experiments. ...for the rest of this article please go to www.msn.com

Jul 26th

Dog friendly Places in Arizona

By Jersey

this info comes from a great site. Check it out for a dog park near you www.ecoanimal.com




·         Dog Chefs of America Kitchen and Dog Park. A dog friendly 50's style diner for dogs. Daily preparations of natural food for dogs, specializing in dog chef cooking classes. The Dog Chef Dog Park is across the parking lot. 1/2 acre fenced in area, water, wading pool, seating for humans, toys. Deli for humans next to Dog Chef Kitchen. The only privately owned public dog park available south of Tuson. Location: 30 miles south of Tucson off i-19. Exit 48, Arivaca Turnoff. Go left under the overpass. That takes you right to the Amado Territory Ranch. Go to the furthest East side of the ranch. (Thank you Micki Voisard)



·         Bark Park. Baggies and all sorts of doggie obstacle courses! Located near Alma School, Basha, & Ocotillo. Take side street "Mesquite" north and you will see large fenced in area for dogs.  (Thank you Autumn)

·         Chandler Bark Park. The dog park has a staging area and a large area for the dogs to roam. It also has an agility course, which is separate from the dog-roaming area. Gated Dog Park. Location: 1400 W. Mesquite St. Directions: Bark Park/Shawnee Park is located south of Elliot and north of Warner just off of Alma School. Head WEST on W. Mesquite St. from Alma School. The park is on the north side of the road. You can park on the road, near the dog park entrance OR you can park in the Shawnee Park parking lot on the east side of the park and walk across (to the west) the children's playground to the dog park. Also, the park is east of Dobson Rd. (Thank you Amy Guillory)


·         Barkmaster Park. Located in Bushmaster Park.  1.5 acre, fenced, benches, tables, trees. 

·         Thorpe Bark Park. Tables, fenced, water, trash. Location: 600 N. Thorpe.

Fountain Hills

·         Desert Vista Neighborhood Park. Bags provided, doggy drinking fountains. On Tioga Dr. between Desert Vista and Tower Drives. Fountain Hills, AZ. (Thank you Emily)


  • Cosmo Dog Park. Leashed and leash-free dog park - 4 acres. Won Dog Fancy award for best dog park in U.S. Awesome park with lake for dogs to swim, K9 agility equipment, several leash free areas, dog washing areas, dog fountains. Location: 2502 E. Ray Road. (Northeast corner of Ray Road and Santan Loop 202). Directions: From the Santan Loop 202, exit at Higley, turn south to Ray Road, turn west on Ray follow until you see the entrance signs. (Thank you Kim Burkovich)
  • Cottonwood Park. Large fenced in area with separate areas for active and timid dogs. Location: Greenfield & Knox. Directions: South on Greenfield Road past Warner Road. Turn right at Knox Road. Follow signs for the Dog Park. (Thank you Kathryn Carlson)
  • Crossroads Park. Very big area, separate areas for small & big dogs. Big complex with baseball fields. Lots of children in baseball season.  Location: 2 blocks south of Warner on Greenfield's Rd. make right turn. Directions: I-60 to Greenfield Rd., go South past Warner 2 blocks and make a Right. (Thank you Neal Rosenberg)


  • Northern Horizon Park. Large fenced-in play area, a play area for small dogs, water fountains and waste stations. Location: 63rd and Northern Avenues. (Thank you Brittany Brezinski)

·         Sahuaro Ranch Park. North & adjacent to Glendale Community College. Glendale is a western suburb of Phoenix. Water and toys are available. The dog park section may be accessed easiest by parking in the 63rd Ave Parking lot south of Peoria Ave and north of Olive Ave.  (Maricopa County)

  • Foothills Dog Park. Glendale Park Department. Small park divided into two parks for large and small dogs. Grass area in middle. Surrounded by crushed decomposed granite. Obstacle course. Has water and dog shower. Seating available. Has poop scoopers and bags. Location: Next to parking lot for Foothills Library in Glendale, AZ. North of Union Hills on 57th Ave. Directions: Take Union Hills Drive to 57th Ave. Go north past baseball field and turn East into Foothills Library parking lot. Go to far corner of parking lot. (Thank you Robert Reese)


  • Good year Dog Park. 1 acre. 1 side for old one side for active. County Park nearby allows dogs on leash and has a Dog Hike every month. Location: Estrella Parkway near just before Gila River Bridge. Directions: I-10 south about 6 miles just before Gila River Bridge to right.


  • Kingman Dog Park. The "No Dog" signs apply to certain areas of the park, not the off-leash park inside of it. Location: Andy Devine Ave (Rte 66), inside Louis Kingman City Park. Directions: Exit I-40 west on Andy Devine Ave, park is approx 2 miles on the left. (Thank you Catherine Cornelius)

Lake Havasu City

  • Lion’s Dog Park. The park goes along the side of the Colorado River. Fenced with fountain for dogs. London Bridge State Beach, 1100 Empire Drive, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404


  • Quail Run Park. Nice large fenced area. A fenced area to separate the timid dogs. Water and bags are available for both sections. Directions: Take first left (West) North of McDowell Rd off of Greenfield Road in Mesa. Large park with kids play area and baseball fields. (Thank you K. Reese & Jacque Humpert)

Oro Valley

  • James D Kriegh Park. This is a great place with a smaller area for Dogs under 30 pounds. 23 W Calle Concordia. (Thank you Sonya)


  • Payson Off-Leash Park. Fenced small dog area. Tables, poop bags, trees water, tables, trashcans. Location: McLane Road. North of Longhorn and Longhorn. (Thank you Amy Guillory)


  • EchoMountain Dog Park. For now there are 2 enclosed areas: 1 side for large dogs & 1 side for small/passive dogs. They are working on getting lites, seating, water & shade. There is a poop scooper & people have been trying to bring baggies to leave for people to use. There are not enough baggies currently. Location: Cave Creek Road & Grovers. Directions: Grovers is between Bell & Union Hills in North Phoenix. Cave Creek Road is between 16th Street & 32nd Street. (Thank you Andy Schulgasser)
  • Rose Mofford dog park. Location: 25th Ave between Dunlap and Peoria. Directions: East of I 17 south of Peoria on 25th Ave. (Thank you Sheridan Rombough)
  • Steele Park Dog Park. The dog park, which opened in June of 2006 is located in the fenced northeast corner of the park. The 1.83 acre, granite surface with small, rolling hills and dog-friendly shrubbery is enclosed by six-foot-high perimeter fencing and two double-gated ADA accessible entrances. The area offers both large and small dog sections, both of which provide "Mutt-Mitt" dispensers and trash receptacles. The small dog section is intended for those under 20 pounds. Pet owners can enjoy shade trees and picnic table seating, although food is not allowed in the off-leash area. The Dog Park is open during Park Operation Hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Parking can be accessed off of 7th Street just north of the VA Hospital. Closure notices will be posted in advance due to large scale events throughout the year.  Community members are continuing to raise funds for additional dog park amenities such as shade structures, benches, water resources within the off-leash area, and lighting. You may access the Fundraising Web Site for more information. Location: Central and Indian School. (Thank you Adam Kessler)
  • Washington Dog Park. A huge place for dogs with 10 feet high secure fences! Location: Maryland avenue and 21st at Washington park near Maryland Grade school and Washington High School! South of Glendale to "Maryland"....it is on the EAST side of "Washington park." (Thank you Terry and Pets)


  • Willow Creek Dog Park. Prescott, AZ  Location: Willow Creek Road & Commerce Drive. Directions: Intersection of Willow Creek Road and Commerce Drive (go south on Willow Creek from Hwy 89 approx 2.5 miles). Promoted by Prescott Area DogPark Society (PADS) (Thank you William Huth)


  • Dog Park. Small enclosed area for dogs. Grass (when not dirt) & baggies provided. Water access outside of enclosed area about a 2 minute walk. It's not very large & no separation for small dogs but fairly good. On 92 St (or it's called 100th St there too) & Frank Lloyd Wright. From Frank Lloyd Wright & 92nd St go North till u see parking lot on left side. There are 4 large baseball fields. It's in front of the first field (#1). (Thank you (Ms) Andy Schulgasser)
  • Dog Park. 2 enclosed play areas. 1 for small/passive dogs, 1 for large dogs. Both have large grass areas with water, and some shade. Located at McDonald & Hayden on Southeast corner - enter on McDonald just east of Hayden. Take the 101 to McDonald & turn West to 82nd St lite & turn Left into Parking lot - it says to Off-Leash Area. Or from Hayden & McDonald go East on McDonald & take the 1st Right into Parking lot & right again. (Thank you (Ms) Andy Schulgasser)
  • Vista del Camino Park. 7700 East Roosevelt, At Roosevelt and Miller.

Show Low

  • Show Low Dog Park. This is a large wooded park with changes in terrain and a smaller adjoining area. Includes water and seating. Location: Intersection of Deuce of Clubs and westbound State Route 260, in the Show Low City Park. Directions: At the intersection of westbound State Route 260 and the Deuce of Clubs. (Thank you John Jarchow)


  • Surprise Dog Park. Two parts, small and large dogs, Grass , with water fountains, waste bags, and picnic tables. Larger than most in the area. Location: off of Primrose Lane, behind Library and aquatic facility. Directions: From Bell road, turn South on Bullard road for about 1/2 mile to Primrose Ln, and turn Left on it (East). Take the second exit on the right into a gravel parking lot, and go further east to the end of the parking lot. (Thank you Bruce Cox)


  • Tempe Dog Park. Off-leash park, one pretty large area for both large and small dogs. No separate areas for large and small breeds. No grass as of now, however it is closed thursdays for the attempt to grow grass. Location: Southwest corner of College and Curry. Directions: From Curry, turn off Scottsdale  Road, or Mill Ave. (Thank you Stephanie Kilgore)


  • Christopher Columbus Park. 4600 N. Silverbell, Tucson, AZ. off Silverbell Road south of Camino del Cerro. Fenced, water, and trees. 
  • McDonald's Park. There are two different area for large dog and small dogs water provided and waste bags large area trees. Location: Harrison Rd. Directions: Take Tanque Verde east to Catalina Hwy. Go north to Harrison. Go apprx. 1-1/2 miles, on right. Sign posted on Catalina Hwy. Has fenced-in areas. One side for large dogs. The other side is for small dogs. (Thank you Vickie Dixon)
  • North Sixth Avenue Park.  Large area with lots of grass. This half-acre dog park opened on June 20th, 2004. Features a ramada, benches, grass, trees, a dog-friendly drinking fountain, and scooper dispenser. There are no lights, however, and all dogs are confined to one area (no large/small dog sections). Hours of operation are dawn to dusk. For more information, call Tucson Parks & Recreation at 791-4873. Location: 2075 N. 6th Avenue. (Thank you Monica Ochoa)
  • Palo Verde Dog Park. Location: 1/4 mile South of East Broadway and Jessica. Directions: 1/4 mile South of East Broadway and Jessica. (Thank you S Dabbs)
  • Reid Park Dog Park. Running water, doggie doo bags provided, lit in the evenings and early mornings. Location: Reid Park (22nd & Country Club) near zoo entrance - old baseball field - the city has yet to put up sign. Directions: Enter park off of 22nd, near zoo entrance. (Thank you Jennifer Butkay & Nanette Day)
  • Udall Dog Park. Location: SE corner of Sabino Canyon and Tanque Verde Rds. Directions: SE corner of Sabino Canyon and Tanque Verde Rds. (Thank you S Dabbs)


Jul 25th

Today was the 5th time we have taken Jester to the beach.

By Jester


1st time, luckily there was a dog that helped cost him out, but not far at all, pretty much just 4 paws.

2nd time, there was another dog & Jester did go in more, & all most  looked, like he might of swim; he would turn back around, & wait for the dog to bring it back.. lol "almost"

3rd time, I'm starting to get tired of stranger saying to me... "What’s wrong with your Labrador, they love the water." oh don't get me going. Good thing, I just smiled. In my head I'm saying he’s still young, only a few times; and if I chuck my dog in, he may never do it again. I've seen that happen, So much for your duck hunter now... he-he OK, moving along.

4th time, he would go out almost to a swim so after an hr. I started to bribe him... I know, not good...   I’d back up 3 to 5 steps then tell him to come, when he got to me, he got a treat... and then again, till he was swimming  to get treat, and turned around till he got to land. Only did that twice, and then would throw the ball in the water more and more out there, before we went home he did swim... just not that far. Still, Great. I was so happy.

*** Little History how I have been doing this.*I attach a 6" leash around 2 loops on my shorts and a 30" from Jester to I. Well up to today that was working great. For when he would start to run off scared. He couldn't get away from me anymore than that. I could let him be away from me, so that I could go in the water & call him to me. Hoping for; monkey see monkey do.  LOL ***

5th time... Today... He went in the water with no other dogs around, and was swimming big time. I was so happy. Well wind would come and go on how fast things could take a ball away. And I on only a 30' leash I was doing A LOT of swimming myself. Well I don't know when or why I hadn't notice but Jester and I, where never going to reaching this ball together; It just wasn't going to happen this time. Even after people comment on how fast he was retrieving. This time was a NO. I had reached my limit; as much as I could, and being quiet might fool humans, I think, Jester felt my pain. I'm so happy my puppy and I are inseparable; meaning I take him to work about every day being able to I talk, play, & teach him a lot; has really paid off today. As much as he might have been able to retrieve the ball, I knew I had to get back to land. "poor me" Told him to leave it, and go "pointing to land" he turned but also a few times tried to get on me. It must have been in my voice. After telling him no, twice and to go... we made it without looking back. We had gotten out so far I hadn't even yet raped my mind around it till Jester was moving forward in the correct direction. I don't know that I would have made it all by myself. The leash never got tight where he pulled me in, but to know that option was there. I didn't have a negative thought in my head. I'm so happy to have him in my life!!! He even went out some more for a different ball.

He just keeps on going... LOL

Jul 23rd

Dog Friendly Places in Los Angeles

By Stewart (Pooch Dates Top Dog)

Los Angeles



  • Imperial Sand Dunes. From Brawley, drive East on Highway 78 for about 19 miles to Gecko Road, then turn right, and the ranger station is about a mile down the road. 619-337-4400.



  • Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. 25 miles north of Big Pine. Difficult to get to in the winter. From Highway 395, take Highway 168 for about 15 miles to White Mountain Road, turn left and continue for 10 more miles to the south end of the forest. 619-873-2400.

Inyo National Forest

  • 10,000 foot elevation. 1.8 million acres. Forest Headquarters: 873 North Main Street, Bishop, CA 619-873-2400.

Little Lake

  • Fossil Falls. fossilized falls and volcanic fields. On Highway 395, turn east onto Cinder Cone road and follow the cinder cone to the park. The parking lot is about 1.5 miles from the highway. 619-384-5400.

Lone Pine


  • Alabama Hills. Over 300 Hollywood films filed here. From Highway 395, take Whitney Portal Road about 2 and 1/2 miles west of Lone Pine to Movie Road. 619-872-4881.

Big Pine
  • Off-leash trails except for the big horn sheep area. Forest Headquarters: 701 N. Santa Anita Avenue, Arcadia, CA 91006, 805-683-6711.


  • Arcadia Dog Park. The dog park is open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily with even numbered days restricted to small dogs and odd numbered days to large dogs.  Location: At Eisenhower Park on the corner of Second Avenue and Colorado Place.


  • Calabasas Bark Park. Open sunrise to sunset. Calabasas is located north of Los Angeles and south of Ventura County. Take the Las Virgenes Rd. exit off Hwy 101 in Calabasas.  Located south of the Las Virgenes Water District, not very far from the freeway. Located at 4232 Las Virgenes Rd., Calabasas, CA. (Thank you Barbara Chang)


  • Claremont Pooch Park. College Park. Fenced with separate areas for small & large dogs. Water fountains, walking paths, dog rinse area. Benches & trees. Location: 100 S College Avenue. Directions: From the 10 Freeway, exit S Indian Hill Blvd. and go North, make a right on East Arrow Hwy, Left on College Ave, and the park is on your right, just after the train station. (near the Claremont Colleges area). (Thank you Virginia Planellas, Kathleen King, & Kathleen Buchwald)
  • Rancho San Jose Park. Off-leash area. Location: 600 block of West San Jose Ave.

Costa Mesa

  • Costa Mesa Bark Park. Located across from the Orange County Fairgrounds at Arlington Drive and Newport Blvd. See web site for more details.

Culver City

  • The Boneyard.  Opened in January 2006, 1 acre park inside Culver City Park. Small and large dog areas; benches, newly planted trees, water fountains; bring plastic bags - Built and paid for by Friends of the Culver City Dog Park - Park will be operated as a City Park. Some parking; Note: Dogs are not allowed in any other parks in the City, and are not allowed in other areas of Culver City Park. Location: Duquesne Street, South of Jefferson; East of the 405 freeway, South of the 10 freeway. Directions: 405 Freeway to Jefferson; go east on Jefferson about 2 miles to Duquesne, turn right into Culver City Park; Take 10 freeway to Overland; south on Overland to Jefferson; left on Jefferson to Duquesne; turn right into the park; The Boneyard is up the hill. (Thank you Vicki Daly Redholtz)
  • Zoom Room Dog Agility Training Center. Fun, safe indoor dog park with a full agility obstacle course. Dog training classes are offered in agility training, dog obedience, puppy preschool and much more.  But the center can also be used as an indoor dog park play area - and is available for private rentals, too, for dog birthday parties and Doggy Disco! Location: 11836 Teale Street. Directions: Take the 405 to the Jefferson Avenue exit.  Take your first left onto Mesmer, and then your first right onto Teale Street.  The Zoom Room will be on your left-hand side. (Thank you Jaime Van Wye)


  • Encino Off leash Park. Victory Blvd and White oak. (Thank you Greg)

El Segundo

  • El Segundo Dog Park. About 60x300ft lots of trees south side of LAX. Between Imperial Avenue and Imperial Highway at Sheldon Street. From the east take 105 freeway, go west to the end onto Imperial Hwy. go to the first light and turn left then around 2 short bends until going west again along Imperial Ave which parallels Imperial Hwy Drive a few blocks. You will be driving parallel to it on the right side. Sounds complicated but not once you are there. Should be less confusing from Thomas Guide pg 702 F7 or any good web map. (Thank you Steve Weldon)


  • Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park. Dogs run off-leash in fenced area.  Pooper scoopers and trashcans, benches, etc. Located at the corner of Victory and White Oak in Encino (San Fernando Valley). 101 exit White oak.  Go North on White to Victory.  It is on the corner. (Thank you Danette Larson and Randy)


  • Lancaster Off Leash Park. Area gated off for dogs to roam. In the process of building benches to sit on. Picnic tables in the mean time. Shovels, bags and a water fountain are provided. Ungated walking track and children's play area. Location: Ave M and 30th Street West. Directions: Exit the 14 Fwy and go west on Ave M approx three miles, make a right on 30th St West. Directly across from Paraclete High School. (Thank you Jillian King)

Long Beach

  • Dog Zone, Long Beach. 3 acre dog beach. Dogs allowed to frolic off-leash in the surf and sand in a designated area in Belmont Shore in Long Beach daily off-leash area in Long Beach from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and til 8 p.m. beginning Memorial Day. Parking: .25 cents/per 15 minutes in metered beachfront lot (enter off of Bennett Ave. at the Belmont Pool entrance near Chuck's Coffee Shop) and FREE parking after 6 p.m. Also, FREE parking along Ocean Blvd. Free parking in the lot across from Ripples (Granada Ave. @ Ocean Blvd.) after approx. 5 p.m. Restrooms: Available at Granada Ave. boat launch ramp. Location: Between Park Ave. and Argonne Ave. in Belmont Shore, Long Beach (CA) Directions: From: 405 South 1. Take the I-405 S towards LONG BEACH. 2. Take the STUDEBAKER ROAD exit. 0.22 miles (0.36 Km) 3. Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. 0.04 miles (0.07 Km)  4. Merge onto N STUDEBAKER RD. 2.14 miles (3.44 Km) 5. Turn RIGHT onto WESTMINSTER AVE. 0.43 miles (0.69 Km) 6. WESTMINSTER AVE becomes E 2ND ST. 1.54 miles (2.47 Km) 7. Turn LEFT onto GRANADA AVE. 0.33 miles (0.53 Km) Please note: Do not walk on the bike path or the boat launch ramp. Vaccinations and licensing must be up todate. (Thank you Justin Rudd)
  • Recreation Dog Park. Leashless dog park within Recreation Park. three watering stations, trees, benches, enclosure for small dogs, parking area, bag boxes. Exit 7th Street at the 605 Freeway. Go West for about a mile, and on your right side, you will see a sign dog park. (Thank you Jim Walters)


  • Runyan Canyon. You can unleash the dog for most of the trails...as much as I can tell. Location: It is approximately 3 blocks north of Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood.  the place is called Runyan Canyon.  From Anaheim CA, take 5 North.  Go NW on 101 to Hollywood.  Get off on Hollywood Blvd. and go west for approximately 3 miles.  Take a right onto Fuller Avenue and go to the end 3 blocks or so.  You can also take a right onto Aristo (nstarts with an A...) and go North to the dead end (3 blocks).  You get a fantastic view of Hollywood and LA. From the 10 freeway in Santa Monica, take the 10 East to Fairfax, exit and go north to Hollywood Blvd, go East on Hollywood and take to Fuller, go North and head up till dead ends. It's a great trail to hike for you and the dog.  They also having watering stations for the dogs periodically. This is not a fenced area so it cannot be considered a dog park. The official sign says there are trails within the park designated as a dog "exercise" area.


  • Hull Dog Park. Family Park/Dog Park. Across from Paraclete High school in Lancaster, CA. Location: L-12 and 30th street west. Directions: 14 Freeway South, get off Ave. L turn left. Go to 30th street and turn left. Go to L-12 and that is where the park is. (Thank you Sarah Miccio)

Leo Carillo Beach

  • (Leashed Dogs Only) Leo Carillo Beach. 1.5 mile long beach that allows dogs to run and swim with additional trails under the freeway. Not allowed between towers 2 & 3. Location: On Highway 1, approximately 30 miles North of Santa Monica, on PCH going North towards Oxnard (past Zuma). Directions: Go North on PCH towards Oxnard until you get to El Matador and Leo Carillo. (Thank you Kendall Andrade)

Los Angeles

  • Barrington Dog Park. Location: S. Barrington Ave. (Thank you Carolina Garcia)
  • Hermon Dog Park.  Los Angeles (Hermon Community).1.3 acre off-leash dog park in Northeast Los Angeles, with separate areas for large and small/shy dogs. Ground cover is decomposed granite, so this never mud!! Beautiful horse trails and Arroyo hiking paths surround the park. The newest of 9 off-leash facilities in the city of Los Angeles, this was a labor of love and hospitality from the tiny century-old community of Hermon with the help of neighboring "Arroyo Seco" area communities. Location: 5688 Via Marisol (at the 110 Freeway), just west of Monterey Road. Directions: 110 Freeway (Arroyo Parkway) exit at Via Marisol, turn right (from either exit), enter park and drive to the rear, under the Avenue 60 bridge. (Thank you Joseph Riser & Lezle Stein)
  • Laurel Canyon Park. Leashless dog park. This large fenced area is specifically designed for both large and small dogs. There are pooper scoopers and picnic benches and even a small pool area for the dogs. Largest in Los Angeles County with almost 20 acres. From 6am-10am, 3pm to dusk. From Laurel Canyon Blvd., go west on Mulhulland for about 1/4 of a mile. 818-989-8188. (Thank you Jack Sax)
  • The Loftydog. Indoor dog park, grooming & training. The Loftydog Academy provides over 7000sq. ft of play area for our daycare and overnight boarders. Location: 525 S. Hewitt St. Directions: Near Urth Cafe and Loft Appeal in the Downtown L.A. area. (Thank you Cabrini Schnyder)

  • Sepulveda Basin Dog-Park. Open Daily Sunrise to Sunset except on Friday's 11:00am to Sunset, due to Maintenance. Located at the corner of Victory Blvd. and Yarmouth Ave.


  • Alice Frost Kennedy Off-Leash Dog Park. Large grassy dog park. There is a dog park for large dogs and another one for small dogs. Water available. Some shade. Location: 3026 East Orange Grove Boulevard. Directions: Exit 210 Freeway at Rosemead; heading north; head west on Foothill Boulevard; head north on Sierra Madre; head west on Orange Grove; the park is on your left, behind a children's park (I think the children's park is called Vena Vieja???). The dog park is not visible from the street but one can see the children's park while driving on Orange Grove. The cross street is Canyon Wash, I believe. (Thank you CC Wong)
  • Brookside Park. Leashless for training dogs only. From the 210 Freeway, exit Seco Street and follow the Rose Bowl signs. To the left of the stadium, there is the large park. 818-405-4306
  • Central Park. Leashless for training dogs only. Del Mar and Fair Oaks Avenue. 818-405-4306.
  • Victory Park. Leashless for training dogs only. Paloma Street and N Alta Dena Drive. 818-405-4306.

Redondo Beach

  • Redondo Beach Dog Park. On the corner of Flagler Lane and 190th in Redondo Beach.  Flagler is in between Prospect and Inglewood Ave.   190th Street can be reached off of PCH or Hawthorne Blvd.  Redondo Beach is West of the 405, west of Torrance, on the Pacific, several miles south of LAX, and north of Rancho Palos Verdes. info@rbdogpark.com  

San Dimas

  • San Dimas Dog Park. One acre all grass divided into two separately fenced areas for large and small dogs. Shade structures, doggy drinking fountains, scoopers and poop bags provided. Location: Horsethief Canyon Park. 301 Horsethief Canyon Road. Directions: Foothill Blvd. to San Dimas Canyon Road North to Sycamore Canyon Road Left turn to stop sign Left to parking lot. (Thank you Caryol Smith)

Santa Monica

  • Joslyn Park. Licensed Santa Monica Dogs may use the park leashless from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm M-F; 8:30 am to 8:30 pm Sat-Sun. The park is closed for maintenance on Tues and Thurs from 9:30 am to 11am. 7th Street and Kensington Road. 310-393-9975. (Thank you Whit Preston)
  • Marine Park. Licensed Santa Monica Dogs may use the park leashless from 6am-9am, 6pm-10pm. 7th Street and Kensington Road. 310-393-9975.

Seal Beach

  • Arbor Dog Park. Leash-free dog park. Land Area: 13.0 acres. Location: 4665 Lampson College Park East. On Lampson Ave. between Heather St. and Rose St. Directions: Small drive way entrance next to an industrial building. There is a long drive way that you go down. (THank you Phoebe Barabad & Brian Y. Chung)

Sierra Madre

  • Sierra Madre Dog Park. Description: separate area for small dogs; benches, bag boxes, big trees, lots of room to run! Hours: 6am to 10pm daily. Features: fenced, benches, handicap access, poop bags, trees, parking, phones, restrooms, lights, water, trash cans, separate fenced areas for large/active dogs and ‘special needs’ dogs. Location: 611 East Sierra Madre Blvd. Directions: From 210, take Santa Anita exit in Arcadia. Head north (toward the mountains) to Sierra Madre Blvd, turn left. Sierra Madre city park is on the right, turn next to the big cemetery. Dog parks are next to the tennis courts. (Thank you Sarah Farmer Earll)

    Silver Lake

    • Silver Lake Dog Park. See web site for more information. Friendly dog park - notable for its two fenced-off areas, one for the "general population," the other for timid or little dogs. Located at 1850 Silverlake Blvd., Los Angeles. At intersection of Silver Lake Blvd. and Duane St. in Silverlake district of L.A. Take 101 Freeway (N or S, as appropriate), exit at Silver Lake Blvd., head NORTH on S.L. Blvd. Dawg Park on LEFT at intersection. (Thank you Lynn Malsby & John Voland)

    Studio City

    • Laurel Canyon Park. Leashless dog park. Largest in Los Angeles County with almost 20 acres. From 6am-10am, 3pm to dusk. From Laurel Canyon Blvd., go west on Mulhulland for about 1/4 of a mile. 818-989-8188.


  • Westminster Off-Leash Dog Park. Just under an acre and of the most fun off-leash park in Los Angeles. This self-governed park is the creation of FREEPLAY, a non-profit that works to establish off-leash areas. Located at 1234 Pacific Avenue Venice, CA 90291. At the corner of Westminster and Pacific in Venice (between Pacific and Main Street). (Thank you Freeplay)


Cleveland National Forest

  • Leashless trails. Forest Headquarters: 10845 Rancho Bernardo Road, Rancho Bernardo, CA 92127, 619-674-2901

Costa Mesa

  • Costa Mesa Bark Park. Located at Arlington Avenue and Newport Blvd., across from the Orange County Fairgrounds. 2 acres, grass, lots of trees, water provided, good parking, completely handicap accessible (one of the few parks that is.) For more information call the Costa Mesa Bark Park Foundation at 949-733-4101 mail@cmbarkpark.org


  • Cypress Dog Park. Has city approval, seeking site at this time, should be open in March 2000. (Thank you Tina Megesi)

Dana Point

  • Creekside Park. Off Leash dog park. Chain link fence enclosed off-leash dog park within public city park. Currently there is a doggy drinking fountain (1 unit with three fountain heights - adult, child and dog) just outside the dog park entrance but the city is placing a second one inside the fence. Semi-natural in appearance with wood chips on ground and trees and shrubs scattered throughout. Location: Stonehill Dr. between I-5 and Del Obispo. (Thank you Erik Mansoor)
  • Dana Point Dog Park. Leashless Park. Water is available, surface is dirt. Hours are posted. Nice path adjacent for walking in canyon. Location: Golden Lantern (not sure of number). Directions: Exit the I-5 at Crown Valley Parkway and travel SW a couple miles to Golden Lantern/Moulton. Go left and watch for Chapparosa Park intersection. Dog Park is just beyond this intersection on the right and is well marked. (Thank you Robin Rainie-Lobacz)


  • Fullerton Pooch Park. Off-Leash Dog Park in North OC. The Fullerton Pooch Park is located next to the Hunt Branch Library. There is a small dog park for small, timid, senior and disabled pooches and a large dog park for active, high-energy, big pooches. All pooches and their owners are welcome provided everyone follows the rules and regulations and owners pick up after their dogs. The Fullerton Pooch Park is on Fullerton City property and provided to the community on a trial basis. The City will monitor the park for up to one year to determine its permanent use. To ensure the permanent status of the park, please make sure you follows all the rules and regulations. Let work together to keep Pooch Park! Location: 201 S. Basque Avenue. Directions: The Fullerton Pooch Park is located next to the Hunt Branch Library and behind Pacific Drive Elementary School. Located adjacent to the Hunt Branch Library, between S. Brookhurst Rd and S. Euclid Ave off W. Valencia Drive. (Thank you Brian Y. Chung & Wendy Gillroy)

Huntington Beach

  • Best Friend Dog Park. Back of the park, on the North-East corner of Edwards Street and Taylor Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA. dogpark@earthlink.net 714-536-5672.
  • Huntington Dog Beach. The Dog Beach is located on Pacific Coast Highway between 21st St. and Seapoint St. Dogs are allowed off-leash only on the wet sand of Huntington Dog Beach. Open from 5:00AM to 8:00PM seven days a week. (714) 841-8644.


  • Irvine Central Bark. A huge offleash park where your dogs can run around and play with other dog parks of their size, breed, etc. Central Bark Dog Park is a wonderful park. It is very clean and I have met many kind people there. The park is almost 3 acres, and is mainly grass. There is a cement path that cuts through the center, and quite a few benches. Location: On Oak Canyon Road in Irvine. It's open 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day but Wednesday, and has two fenced acres with a separate area for small or shy dogs. Dog owners may call the Irvine Animal Care Center (right next door) for more information: (949) 724-7740. (Thanks you Eliza Rubenstein & Brittney Dean Smith)


  • Bark Park. Leashless dog park. Fenced with a few picnic tables, benches, trash containers, and a doggie water fountain. The park hours are dawn to dusk Thursday thru Tuesday. Closed Wednesday for maintenance.
    Please do not bring aggressive dogs. From Highway 1 (Pacific Coast) go north on Laguna Canyon Road, just South of El Toro. 714-497-0706. (Thank you Lynn Jones)

Laguna Niguel

  • Laguna Niguel Dog Park. Fenced, water, landscaped. Located on a little over an acre at Golden Lantern near Chapparosa Park. Open from noon to dusk on Monday and Friday, 7 am to dusk on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and  Saturday. On Sunday, it is open from 8am to dusk.


  • Orange Dog Park. 2.5 acre off leash dog park in the City of Orange. The park is open daily (even holidays) from 7:00 am to dusk, except on Wednesdays when it is closed for maintenance. There are separate large and small dog sections, water fountains, doggie waste bags, benches and shade trees. Location: 190 S. Yorba Street. Directions: Exit the 55 (Costa Mesa Freeway) at Chapman Avenue and head east one block to Yorba Street. Turn right and make a right into the first driveway which is the parking lot for Yorba Park. The Dog Park is at the very end of the parking lot.  (Thank you Robin Schmidt, Cindy Reed, & Sandra Norell)

Rancho Santa Margarita

  • Rancho Santa Margarita Dog Park. The park is dirt and wood chips. Separate area for small dogs. Water fountain at dog level. In the back corner of Canada Vista Park. Location: 24328 Antonio Parkway. (Thank you Michelle Hand)


Cleveland National Forest

  • Leashless trails. Forest Headquarters: 10845 Rancho Bernardo Road, Rancho Bernardo, CA 92127, 619-674-2901


  • Corona Dog Park. Bags provided, large shaded areas, mature trees, benches and dog water fountain just outside the double door gate! Bags provided, large mature trees providing great shaded areas for owners and dogs, benches and dog water fountain just outside the double gate entrance! Lots of parking too. Location: 1886 Butterfield Dr. Across from the Corona Municipal Airport. (Thank you Megan Woods)
  • Harada Heritage Dog Park. Off-Leash Dog Park in Eastvale. The Harada Heritage Dog Park is the newest dog park in Riverside County, opened in December 2006. It is located just north of Corona in the unincorporated community of Eastvale at 13100 65th Street. Location: 13100 65th Street. Directions: Located between Hamner and Sumner on 65th Street. (Brian Y. Chung)

Desert Hot Springs

  • Corkill Gully. Giant agility course. Desert setting with sand and native shrubs. Location: 17991 Corkill Rd. Directions: I 10 exit on Palm Drive north to Dillon right to Corkill right. (Thank you Tony Aquino)


  • Simpson Nature Agriculture Park. Hiking, bikes, benches, agriculture, bird watching. Dogs allowed with or without leashes. Location: On crest view way off Dornell in Hemet at the top of the mountain (small ones).  Directions: 215 to 74. (Florida) right on Cornell left on Thornton, right on Crest. (Thank you Steve Fatbarger)

La Quinta

  • La Quinta Dog Park. Location: At Fred Waring and San Pablo in the park where the YMCA is located. The park is right infront of the YMCA and baseball field, absolutely beautiful and two areas for small and large dogs, bags for poop, benchs, trees. Directions: 10 East, Exit Monterey make right, go down several miles to Fred Waring make left, then a block or two to San Pablo and make left, park and ask someone. (Thank you Amanda Stewart)

Palm Desert

  • Palm Desert Doggy Park. Two areas-for large and small dogs, clean grassy areas with benches and canopy top, Area in the Palm Desert Country Club Park open to the public in back by the basket ball courts. Location: off of Washington on California Drive. Directions: On California Drive between Washington and Fred Waring. (Thank you Mary Vartanian)


  • Mt. Rubidous. There is a tiny little off leash park in Riverside, CA at the bottom of Mt. Rubidoux - on the Rubidoux side of the mountain. Location: Mission Inn Blvd. Directions: 60 FWY take Rubidoux off-ramp to Mission Blvd towards Crestmore Road. After you cross through the light at Crestmore Road you will pass the Santa Ana River bridge. The dog park is on your right at the base of Mt. Rubidoux. (Thank you Lori Norris & Gina)
  • Pat Merrit Dog Park. Fence, lights, benches, poop bags, water access.
  • Very large park with beautiful green grass and clean environment. Has two big areas: one for small dogs the other for big dogs. The dogs are nice and the people are friendly; a great place to bring the family and pets. Location: Limonite Frontage Rd. and Ave. Juan Bautista. Directions: From 60W: Exit Rubidoux and make a left, right on Mission, left on Limonite Ave, left on Ave. Juan Bautista, quick left on Limonite Frontage Rd. (Thank you Jackie Cubas)
  • Riverside Dog Park. Off-Leash Area. Two parks one for large dogs and one for small dogs. Benches, Bags, and scooper avail. Great place. Location: One th corner of Pierce and Riverwalk in the city of Riverside. Directions: 91fwy WB exit Magnolia. Turn right onto Pierce. (Pierce turns into Riverwalk)turn left onto Pierce. Only a couple of blocks north of the 91 on Pierce.91fwy EB exit Pierce. (Thank you Brandy Wood-Iler & Brian Y. Chung)

    Palm Springs

    • Palm Springs Dog Park. Located behind City Hall. 222 Civic Drive North (behind City Hall), Palm Springs, CA 92262, 760-322-8362.

    San Bernardino National Forest

    • Dogs are allowed leashless in most parts of the forest except for the State parks like the San Jacinto Wilderness which runs into Mount San Jacinto State Park. Forest Headquarters: 1824 Commer Center Circle, San Bernardino, CA 92408, 909-383-5588.

    San Jacinto

    • Ramona Humane Society Dog Park. No close freeway within many miles, but get to state street from where you are, when you get to Seventh street you will have to make a right or left depending on which side you came from, but it is only a block away so you'll know if you turned the wrong way right away, when you turn on Seventh street look for very small dirt street called Humane Way or the sign that says Ramons Humane Society. It is not state owned so there will be a fee required to pay to the Ramona Human Society to be able to access the park, two separate areas for small and large dogs, bags for poop, grass, trees and benchs. Location: 690 Humane Way, 951-654-8002, small street and can easily miss it, but large sign stating Ramona Humane Society, the dog park is in the back, one block away from State street, off of seventh street. (Thank you Amanda Stewart)


    • Temecula CA, Great dog park and another to open soon! Temecula's first dog park was opened in 2006 in the Redhawk Community Park. The fenced park is divided into two areas, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. Location: 44747 Redhawk Parkway. Directions: To get to the dog park from Interstate 15 take Highway 79 east and turn right onto Redhawk Parkway. (Thank you Cassandra Mitchell)

San Bernardino


  • Afton Canyon Natural Area. 42,000 acres. Great place to watch wildlife. From Interstate 15, exit Afton Canyon Road, and drive 3 miles South of the park. (About forty miles east of Barstow) Location: About forty miles east of Barstow. Directions: From Interstate 15, exit Afton Canyon Road, and drive 3 miles South of the park. (Thank you Mark Anderson)


  • Rainbow Basin Natural Area. From Barstow Highway 58, drive 5 and a half miles north on Fort Irwin Road and turn left on Fossil Bed Road for 3 miles (dirt road). 619-384-5400.

Big Bear Lake

  • Cienaga Creek Ranch Enjoy Secluded Luxury in Big Bear in your own private cottage....We love dogs and hate leashes. 43630 Rainbow Ln (not on map books yet), Big Bear, CA 92314. Near Onyx Summit. (Thank you Scott Wilson.)
  • Cougar Crest Trail. From Big Bear Village, cross lake at Stanfield Cutoff, make a left on Highway 38, drive west for half a mile west of the ranger station. It's on the right side. 909-866-3437.
  • Woodland Trail. One and a half mile nature trail. From Big Bear Village, cross lake at Stanfield Cutoff and turn left on Highway 38. The trail is on the right side. 909-866-3437.


  • Prado Regional Park. 1,100 acres of dog park. Dog training park. 909-597-6366.


  • Corona Dog Park. .85 acre that is fenced in. Corona, CA. There is no separate area for small dogs. The drinking fountain is on the outside of the park so it's best to bring water with you. There are three benches and trash cans inside in the park. Doggie clean up bags are located within the sallyport. Location: On Butterfield Drive in the Butterfield Stage Trail Park-right across from the entrance to Corona Airport. Directions: 91 freeway to Lincoln, go north. At Railroad St. make a left and then a right at Smith St. Make a left at Butterfield Dr. and the dog park is on the left hand side about 3/4 mile down next to the main parking lot for Butterfield Park.


  • Aurantia Dog Park. One fenced area for dogs to play. It's a new park with additions being made. Nice people, bags, and places to sit. Location: 5th street turns into Greenspot road. Directions: From the 10fwy to the 30 fwy turn right/east at 5th street (which turns into Greenspot Rd.). 4 stop lights and it's on your left. (Thank you David Titgen)

Loma Linda

  • Loma Linda Dog Park. Double gates, 2 areas, water stations and "pick-up" bags in both. No lights. There is one not so good thing, and that is the park is located on the side of a hill. So watch your step after it rains. Location: Beaumont Ave. East of Mtn. View Ave. Directions: East on te 10 fwy to Mountain View. Turn right (south) on Mtn. View 1.9 miles as it ends turn left onto Beaumont. It will be on the right side. (Thank you David Titgen)

Lucerne Valley

  • Johnson Valley Open Area. 250,000 acres. Beware of coyotes and off-road vehicles. On Highway 247, exit Bessimer Mine Road, drive North a couple of miles, and follow the signs. 619-255-8700.

Rancho Cucamonga

  • Rancho Cucamonga Dog Park. A beautiful fenced in dog park, complete with shady trees and a wonderful view of the mountains. Open daylight hours.  Water, shovels and a dog rinse off area are available on-site. In Etiwanda Creek Park in the northeast section of Rancho Cucamonga. Located at East Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739. Exit the 15 freeway and turn west onto Baseline. Make a right (north) onto East Ave. (First stoplight off of the freeway.) Follow The road till it ends. The dog park is on the right.  When you reach the end of the pavement on East Ave. you are there! (Thank you  Diana Torres & Dean Silliman & Tammy Bullock)

San Bernardino

  • Wild Wood Park. Well kept , with at least 2 fenced areas open late with good lighting . At the base of the hill ( to Big Bear or Arrowhead lakes) evening baseball games so your never alone. Location: Exit the 30 fwy at Waterman and head toward the mountain. Make a right at 40th street , then the first left . The Dog Park is in the rear of the park ( Wild Wood Park ). (Thank you
  • David Titgen)

San Bernardino National Forest

  • Dogs are allowed leashless in most parts of the forest except for the State parks like the San Jacinto Wilderness which runs into Mount San Jacinto State Park. Forest Headquarters: 1824 Commerce Center Circle, San Bernardino, CA 92408, 909-383-5588.


  • Baldy View Dog Park, A 1.3 acre fenced area with grass, shade trees, pooper scoopers and bags, water, tables and benches. Separate smaller area for small or timid dogs. Well-maintained, with a bulletin board for notices and announcements. Location: 11th St. (Between Mountain Ave. & San Antonio Ave). From Foothill Blvd., go to Mountain Ave. or San Antonio Ave. Turn South to 11th Street. (Thank you Kevin Johnson & Karen Dennis)
  • Upland Memorial Park. Back section of the park is leashless. Foothill Blvd. (Route 66) and 11th Avenue. 909-931-4280. 

Santa Barbara

San Diego


  • Carlsbad Dog Park. 17,000 square foot fenced dog park, water, bags, bark mulch, kinda dirty, paved parking. Location: Carlsbad Village Drive. Directions: Highway 5, exit Carlsbad Village Drive, go east across El Camino Real, approximately 1/2 mile past El Camino Real on left. (Thank you Vernie A. Seach)

Chula Vista

  • Montevalle Park Dog Park. This dog park is fully fenced and is located in the 29 acre Montevalle Park. The park is grassy and there are separate areas for small dogs and large dogs. There are drinking fountains for dogs and cleanup bags are also available. Location: 840 Duncan Ranch Road, Chula Vista, California 91914. Directions: From I-805 take H Street east for about 6 miles. It will become Proctor Valley Rd go an additional 1 mile and turn right onto Duncan Ranch Rd to the park. (Thank you Carol Burkhardt)
  • Dog Park at Otay Ranch Town Center. This dog park opened in Oct, 2006 in the new Otay Ranch Town Center which is also pet-friendly. The fenced, 10,000 square foot dog park is located next to the Macy's at the outdoor mall. 619-656-9100. Location: Eastlake Pkwy At Olympic Pkwy. Directions: To get to the mall and dog park from San Diego go south on the 805 Freeway to the Orange Avenue Exit. Head east on Orange Avenue which will become Olympic Parkway. Go 4 miles east to the mall. (Thank you Carol Burkhardt)

Cleveland National Forest

  • Leashless trails. Forest Headquarters: 10845 Rancho Bernardo Road, Rancho Bernardo, CA 92127, 619-674-2901


  • Coronado City Beach/ Dog Beach. Leash free on the western part of the beach. It's marked by signs that run along Ocean Blvd. from Sunset Park on Ocean Drive to the border of the US Naval Station. 619-522-7380.

Del Mar

  • Rivermouth. Canine children need to be under voice control September to June and under leach control June to September. They try to provide bags but it is best to be safe and bring your own. Bring quarters for parking. The meter maid is evil. From October until May, dogs can go leashless on the north end of the beach. From 29th Street to the border of Solana. From the 5 Freeway, exit Via de la Valle and drive West to Camino del Mar, then go South for a block. Across from the Del Mar Racetrack. 619-755-1556. (Thank you Nancy Kinder & Ann Elwood)

El Cajon

  • El Cajon Dog Park.  Two fenced off areas for small and large dogs, grass and dirt, benches, trees for shading, bags for poop, water fountain for dogs and humans. Location: On Madison Avenue, between second street and first street. Directions: take 8 east, exit second street and make right, go down to madison and make right, large park about 3-4 blocks down on left side, dog park in center of park itself. (Thank you Amanda Stewart)


  • Rancho Coastal Humane Society Dog ParkCricket's Corner.  Built-in water fountain, grassy, fenced, 1 acre, shaded benches, separate enclosed area for small dogs,  trees, & benches. Park hours: 11AM - 5PM every day (except Mondays: 11:30AM - 5PM). Please read park rules before visiting. This is a half-acre, fenced in dog park and education center on the property of the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, CA. Location: 389 Requeza Street. Directions: Coming from the south, take I-5 to Santa Fe Drive. Go straight through the light and follow Regal Rd, and at the stop sign turn left onto Requeza Street. At the bottom of the hill, turn left into the driveway marked by a Rancho Coastal Humane Society sign. Coming from the north, take I-5 to Encinitas Blvd. Turn left onto Encinitas Blvd. Turn right onto Westlake Street. At the stop sign turn right onto Requeza St. At the bottom of the hill, turn left into the driveway marked by a Rancho Coastal Humane Society sign. (Thank you Alison Gianotto, Vernie A. Seach & Paul Martin)


    • Mayflower Dog Park. The park is a fenced off-leash 1½-acre area with benches, tables, handicap access, parking, restrooms, lights, water, trees, poop bags, trashcans. It has an agility/performance area for dogs, separated from the general area. Hours: dawn to 9pm (lighted). Location: 3420 Valley Center Road Escondido, CA. Cross streets are Valley Center Road and Washington. Directions: Located approx. 30 miles north of San Diego. Take I-15 North and Merge onto 395 (Escondido Freeway). Exit towards Via Rancho Parkway. Turn Right onto E Via Rancho Parkway. Continue on Bear Valley Parkway.  Turn Right on CR-S6. (Thank you Pam Zufelt)

    La Mesa


    • Oceanside Dog Park. Location: The site for the Dog Park is adjacent to the North County Humane Society located at 2905 San Luis Rey Road in Oceanside.


    • Poway Poway Dog Park. A great dog park located off of Poway Road behind the sheriff's station in the Poway Community Recreation Park. Poway Community Park, 13094 Bowron Road. 

    San Diego

    • Balboa Park. 3 leashless park areas. From the 5 freeway, exit Park Boulevard and head north. 619-239-0512.
      1. West side of park off Balboa Drive, just south of Laurel Street Bridge. (Fenced) (Thank you Tryce Czyczynska)
      2. Northeast portion of the park in Morley Field (southwest of the Tennis Courts).
      3. Grape Street and 28th Street, on the parks east side.
    • Cadman Community Park. View of bay, ocean, Many trees, about an acre. Beautiful. About one acre, partially fenced. Location: Avati Drive. Directions: South on Rt. 5 to BAlboa. East on Balboa to Morena Blvd. North on Morena Blvd. to Avati Dr., at traffic light, go up hill and park is at left. (Thank you Helen McKenna)
    • Capehart Dog Park. Large and Small dog parks. San Diego (Pacific Beach). Location: Capehart Park. This one acre park offers the following amenities: two fenced pens, on turfed areas: one for small dogs and one for large or all dogs, areas to provide water for dogs, a drinking fountain, picnic tables and benches, and a parking area. It is open 24 hours. Located at the corner of Felspar and Soledad Mountain Road. Directions: Take Garnet Street exit from I-5, Turn south on Garnet. Turn right on Soledad Mountain Rd. The park in on your left in about 2 blocks. (Thank you Carol Burkhardt)
    • Doyle Park. Fenced 2 parks 1 for small dog, one for large dogs. Directions: 805 to 52 to Genesse Ave No, up the hill past University City High School, (L) on Decor, (R) on Cargo and first (L) into the park. (Thank you Linda Snyder)
    • Dusty Rhodes Park. Fenced. About 2 acres. Benches, trees, very close to Dog Beach which has 32 acres.Location: Sunset Cliffs Blvd. and Nimitz Blvd., Ocean Beach. Directions: West on Rt. 8, runs into Sunset Cliffs Blvd., make quick left onto Nimitz Blvd. See park on right. (Thank you Helen McKenna)
    • Fiesta Island. Leashless park with great views. From the 5 freeway, take Sea World Drive/ Tecolote Road exit, Southeast to Fiesta Island Road (first right). 619-221-8901.
    • Morley Field. Location: Morley Field Drive, Balboa Park. Directions: From the North: Take 163 south. Take the WASHINGTON ST EAST Exit. Turn Right on WASHINGTON ST. Turn Right on POLK AVE. Turn Right on PARK BLVD. Turn Left onto MORLEY FIELD DR. Go Through the 4 Way Stop. Take the First Right After the 4 Way Stop (at the top of the hill.) From the South: Take I-5 North Take the PERSHING DR exit toward CIVIC CENTER. Take the PERSHING DR ramp. Turn LEFT onto FLORIDA DR. Turn RIGHT onto MORLEY FIELD DR. Turn RIGHT to stay on MORLEY FIELD DR. (Thank you Carol Burkhardt)
  • Ocean Beach Park/ Dog Beach. North end of the beach is leashless and is marked by signs. From the 5 Freeway, exit at Interstate 8, drive west and follow signs to Sunset Cliffs Blvd., right at Voltaire Street to the end. 619-221-8901.
  • Dog Park.Directions: Take 805, get off on University Ave go west. Go straight until you get to Alabama Street. Make a left. Go all the way down and you will see a park. make a left again and an immediate right. Go all the way down until you see the doggies running free. (Thank you Monica)





  • Mitch Edelson Dog Park. Off Leash Dog Park. Close to the Capri Hotel and the Hummingbird Inn in Ojai.Location: 1301 Soule Park Drive. (Thank you Tanya Stiehr)



  • Star Canine Social Club. Location: 2nd & H Street. Old Oxnard High School.
  • K9 Social Club. Off leash dog club. This was formerly STAR Canine Social Club. Free Off-Leash Dog Park / Club. Is your dog bored, fat, lazy, stupid? Bouncing off the walls with excess energy! Do they prefer playing with the cat to you?? He could be a STAR! Get Them (and yourself) off the couch and out to the fresh air and sunshine for some fantastically fun activity & entertainment. There is No Charge to Play!  Socialization. Agility Equipment. Frisbee. Fresh Air & Grass. Obedience. Fly-Ball - Games. Balls - Sticks. Group Activities. Dog Toys - Contests. Small Dog Agility & a secure play area. Lots of other dogs and dog owners! Location: 2nd & H Streets. Directions: Take Oxnard Blvd or Ventura Road to 2nd Street- then into town to H Street. (Thank you Chuck Wright & Sharon Mullin)

Los Padres National Forest

  • Off-leash trials. 1.9 Million acres that include the Big Sur area. Forest Headquarters, 6144 Calle Real, Goleta, CA 93117, 805-683-6711.

Thousand Oaks

  • Conejo Creek Park.. A three-acre playground with picnic tables and drinking fountains divided into two sections, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. The park will operate from 7 a.m. to sunset daily except for when equestrian events are being held at a nearby arena. Dogs must be on leashes from the parking lot to the park's double gates and that owners clean up after their pets. Located in the Northwest section of the park.  Janss Road and 23 Freeway. (Thank you Sinam)


  • Annie Dransfeldt Dog Park at the west end of Camino Real Park. Open 6:00 am - Dark. Closed Wednesday mornings 6:00 am - 9:00 am for maintenance. Location: Dean Drive & Varsity. Directions: Fenced-in dog park approximately two acres. Includes double gates, drinking fountain for dogs and their caregivers, trees, benches, enclosure for small dogs, mutt mitts and trash cans. (Thank you Annie Dransfeldt)
  • Arroyo Verde Park (city park). About 8 acres of unfenced grassy area. Has benches, doggie drinking fountain, mutt mitts, trash cans, restrooms. Open - Mornings: 6:00 am - 9:00 am. Closed Mondays for maintenance. Location: Day Road and Foothill Road. (Thank you Annie Dransfeldt)

  • Bark Park. The one acre Bark Park is on Las Virgenes Road, in Calabassas. Complete with benches, a doggie drinking fountain, trash cans, and poop scoops.


  • Camarillo Dog Park. Off-Leash Dog Park in the city of Camarillo. Benches, table, drinking fountains for dogs and people, shady, completely fenced and double gated. No charge. Location: Inside Camarillo Grove County Park, show them your dog and entrance is free.Directions: Camarillo Springs Rd. off the 101 Freeway. (Thank you Larry Yakerson)

Los Padres National Forest

Angeles National Forest
Jul 23rd


By Lucky
Well peoples I do not know how to say this other then just get in to it.  Lucky has ben diagnosed with a genetic problem called K-9 exercise indused collaps. What is that?? Well I have been told that it is more or less "doggie MS" but with faster decline. It is something reare that has started to show up in Labrador Retrievers.  So life pretty much sucks right now. He is still with me but it does not look good for us to continue our life together. He very possible could still be a "dog" but not a working dog so I have been put back on the list to wait for another dog.................oh well.......... Maybe I will see you all when things start to look better again and I will intoduse you to my new friend.  Bee Well!