AShland state Park

Published by: Kappa & MIsha(little stinker) on 17th Jul 2010 | View all blogs by Kappa & MIsha(little stinker)

 Stewart posted most of the parks in one of the other posts.

And i would like to recommend, Ashland state park in MA.  If u love water u r gonna like it a lot. There is a lot of trails to check out but my favorite part is the beach. There are tons of dogs coming and beside fun in the water, u can socialize with other pooches.

THe only one disadvantage is that some local folks come there with their little kids, and if  the four legged is not behaving well around little kids, its better to just take a walk around the reservoir.

So if u have some time during the week or on a weekend, try Ashalnd State park!



  • Dude
    by Dude 8 years ago
    water is my second favorite beverage.
  • Kappa & MIsha(little stinker)
    Whats the first one????
  • Maggie
    by Maggie 8 years ago
    i agree i've been to ashland state park multiple times with maggie and she loved it.
  • Felix and Chase
    by Felix and Chase 8 years ago
    Felix and Chase love Ashland State park even though they aren't quite ready to go all the way into the water.
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