California Dog Parks... Updated

Published by: Jester on 31st Jul 2010 | View all blogs by Jester

Dog Parks in California


 Sandy Beach, (Rio Vista) Added to list
2333 Beach Dr.,
Rio Vista, CA
--- Beach where the dogs can get in with the people.
Can launch boats there, BBQ and even camp.
-- Day beach is $5. a car plus $1. per dog.
Camping I believe was $30. a night.

Sand Beach, has been where you can find us almost every weekend... lol

King Park, (Brentwood) Added to list
1379 Bauer way,
Brentwood, Ca 94513
--- Fenced off leash Dog park
-- Also has Basketball court,
and kids playground,
and lots of grass area for children or dogs on leash to sit and eat,
kick a ball or fly a kit or ride there bike around
all next to it where parents can watch from the dog park.

Brentwood is one I try & hit every night
from anywhere from 5pm to 830pm depending on the night.

Lake Elizabeth Dog Park (Fremont) Changes
Has been moved & is Redone.
There is now a Big & Small Dog Park apart from each other.
Directions is about the same only its right after Police Station
and Parking lot isn't so far back or the dog park.
Next to Basketball hoops,
Dog Shelter,
Playground, and bathroom..
can even walk around Lake Elizabeth from the dog park.
- I go to this one almost every Mon., Wed., Fri., from 10am to Noon

I want to try the one in Union City, CA.
Hope to next week in Aug. 2010
& will tell you what I think of that one.
I keep hearing good things.

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