Camping with Jester our Big Puppy

Published by: Jester on 12th Sep 2010 | View all blogs by Jester
We are in CA and went to Sandy Beach.
Last Wed. to Mon. and we had a blast.
Jester stayed with us well and leason.
Chased the ball from way out in the water and back every time.
Sat next to us by the campfire and understod NO and Leave it.
At night his crate was right next to our tent and not one sound,
just as good as if we where home.
Glad all the worries about camping with are puppy are now gone.

Im glad casue I hate the ideal of leaving him home with someone chekcing up on him or putting him at a strange place while we are gone.
Id rather have fun with my dog than like others where they come back and they say wow my dog looks so much difforent casue
the family went away for the week. lol

It took us a long time before we bought a dog
and now I can see he was the right puppy to wait for
becasue he has made it so easy for us to take him where ever we go.

Don't know if this is a...  HELPFUL  WHY...  but it also helped.
I have taken our puppy in my car since the day we got him.
About 3 outings a week where we have to drive an hr.
We also creat trained him so I think it has helped him respect the car.
At home his crate is in the kitchen and he is only told to go in it for bed,
over night. Some times he gose in it on his own,
but we also have a bed in the livingroom for him to lie down on
durring the day. Creat isnt for being bad. ONLY bed time at night.

Hope you all are having a great September.
Still so very hot where we are in CA.



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