Gooseberry Island, Westport, MA

Published by: Odin on 29th Dec 2010 | View all blogs by Odin

For a cool place to take your dog, Gooseberry Island in Westport, MA is where it's at. Gooseberry is pet-friendly year round. The Island is located in Westport, MA just past Horseneck Beach State Reservation. Follow Route 88 all the way to the end, then take a right onto E Beach Road. Go Straight on E Beach Road and it will bring you right to the beginning of the causeway for Gooseberry Island.

The island is really an island, it is connected to the mainland by a man made causeway that you can drive your car on to get to the parking lot. During the busier times, the parking lot on the island fills up and some parking is available at the beginning of the causeway.  Cars cannot get by when the gate closes at 8:00 but people and dogs are able to walk in. It's not only a fun place to explore but beautiful ocean views and beaches.



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  • Mimi
    by Mimi 7 years ago
    simply adorable...
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