Published by: Lucky on 23rd Jul 2010 | View all blogs by Lucky
Well peoples I do not know how to say this other then just get in to it.  Lucky has ben diagnosed with a genetic problem called K-9 exercise indused collaps. What is that?? Well I have been told that it is more or less "doggie MS" but with faster decline. It is something reare that has started to show up in Labrador Retrievers.  So life pretty much sucks right now. He is still with me but it does not look good for us to continue our life together. He very possible could still be a "dog" but not a working dog so I have been put back on the list to wait for another dog.................oh well.......... Maybe I will see you all when things start to look better again and I will intoduse you to my new friend.  Bee Well!



  • Kappa & MIsha(little stinker)
    What is gonna happen to Lucky now?
  • Stewart (Pooch Dates Top Dog)
    Sorry to hear that Karin, that sucks. I hope every thing works out for you and Lucky. Keep in touch.: (
  • Luko
    by Luko 8 years ago
    Oh Karin that stinks...Poor Lucky, and you. He is such a nice dog.
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