Rocky Narrows Reservation

Published by: Kappa & MIsha(little stinker) on 6th Nov 2010 | View all blogs by Kappa & MIsha(little stinker)

After i found out that my company for morning hike in the Wompatuck state forest cancelled, i had to find something else to do, i wanted to bring dogs to new place but not as far away from home as Wompatuck was. After little research i decided on going to Rocky Narrows Reservation in Sherborne. 

It was only half hour away drive from home so its sounded good. 

I put reflective orange collars on dogs and inside-out my husbands bomber jacket on myself. I looked ridiculous but i decided that safety is more important than looks, all of that caused by the hunting season that is on right now.

I called reservation first to find out if the hunters are allowed there but the lady could not answer my question, i decided on going, hunters or no hunters.

The drive was easy and the place easy to locate. I was lucky, limited parking space may leave you with no choice but go back home, only 5 parking spaces, but there was one not occupied when we got there.

I saw a man getting back to one of the cars so i decided to ask him about the place,and if there were any hunters. He looked at me and laughed, he said he never has seen any hunters there for the last 15 years. SO he told me i could take the jacket off, i was so relieved, i did not feel comfortable with that thing on me.

Right behind the parking lot i found information post and maps. I took one map and we took off. I decided to follow red dot trail. The dogs constantly went off to the woods running. The weather was nice enough to keep steady pace without getting sweaty. the only thing i regretted was leaving my gloves in the car, it got a little chilly after a while. The trail was really good marked, i did not have any problems following the map. 

The dogs were running around in the swampy grass. After a little while we reached pretty nice ledge, with nice view on Charles River, i could see that if i tried i could go down the hill to the river. There were some people on the other side of the river doing some trials on small planes, i watched them doing flips in the air for couple of minutes. Of course i could not miss the opportunity for a swim for Kappa. I decided to climb down the rocks, dogs did not have any problem doing it, i had to be careful cause some of the rocks were slippery, after few minutes we reached the bottom and Kappa went for a swim, he fetched for me some sticks before we head back on the trail.  i took little off trail for a while but it dead ended so we had to go back to the main trail, the area was really nice, woody but open enough to enjoy walking.

We passed some narrow cliffs and headed for kayak landing. Access to the water was very nice out there, the dogs went straight to the river. After few seconds other two black dogs showed up and started sniffing around. Their owner showed up after a minute. 

We stayed at the water until they left. I noticed that KAppa started shivering so i decided to move on. We passed some more trail markers before i stopped to take some more pictures. And thats when MIsha took off. At first she was just running around with her nose in the ground like crazy and i did not think she would go anywhere but then she just went to the woods not turning even once. I thought she would be back right away like always but she did not show up, i could only hear her barking in excitement like she used to in the herding class, running after the sheep.

I could hear her bark fading away with each second. Somehow i had a feeling she would be back right away, but after 10 min she did not come back and i started to worry. I waited a little longer and i decided to go after her. I was not sure about that because the off trails area was swampy and wet, and bushy looking not accessible in many places.

I was charging through the bushes following the bark that i could still hear. Kappa stayed close to me, so i felt safer.  After a while i totally did not know where i was, and I barely could hear MIsha. I was calling her and whistling but she did not responded. I walked for another i think 15 minutes before i reached a path. I could hear Misha again but still very far away. I decided to get into the bushes once again. I had to cross 2 streams and my feet got wet, the ground was very soft out there and i started wondering if i could get stuck somewhere not being able to walk any more. 

I heard MIsha again. VEry quite bark, but it gave me  hope, cause i started thinking that she might have drown in the swamp somewhere. 

After a while i got out of the bushes and started to look for some sign to find out where i was. I sat on the tree trunk getting hopeless. BUt i could not just stay there, so i decided to walk, thinking that i finally i would see a trail mark or some people. I heard some voices and saw two people. I got out on the trail and i saw them with their dog and MIsha around them, i could not believe that she did not even try to find me!!! I was so relieved, i asked them to tell me where i was and how to get back to the parking lot. I was not that far away so i thanked them and we went straight for the car. But after 5 min MIsha took off again, i could not believe i did not put her on the leash, but i thought she would not do that any more. she did not care, she just went straight ahead to the wilderness. It took her around 10 min before she came back, i could hear sounds of geese or duck being startled and forced to took off up to the air, that must have been MIsha.

WHen she got out i called her and put her on the leash right away,she was all wet and stuck of rotten swampy water. THe whole hike took us 3 hours.

After all i recommend the place for anybody, its very nice, has enough trails for 3 hour hike, some pretty nice views and access to the river, the trails are marked very well and you can get a map near the parking area. ANd if you lucky enough and your dog stay s with u all the time u r gonna have nice time!!

I parked my car on the forest st parking lot, enough space fore 5 cars, there is another access to the reservation from different st with 5 parking spaces.



  • Luko
    by Luko 7 years ago
    Holy crap I would have been horrified!! I am glad you found her. Now who is the stinky little brat now!
  • Luko
    by Luko 7 years ago
    Oh sorry...It is Misha! I thought Kappa was the brat. lol
  • Kappa & MIsha(little stinker)
    its MIsha , she is the one that gets in trouble all the time :)
  • Dude
    by Dude 7 years ago
    Sounds familiar. Nice review though!
  • Felecia33Larson
    by Felecia33Larson 5 years ago
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