Today was the 5th time we have taken Jester to the beach.

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1st time, luckily there was a dog that helped cost him out, but not far at all, pretty much just 4 paws.

2nd time, there was another dog & Jester did go in more, & all most  looked, like he might of swim; he would turn back around, & wait for the dog to bring it back.. lol "almost"

3rd time, I'm starting to get tired of stranger saying to me... "What’s wrong with your Labrador, they love the water." oh don't get me going. Good thing, I just smiled. In my head I'm saying he’s still young, only a few times; and if I chuck my dog in, he may never do it again. I've seen that happen, So much for your duck hunter now... he-he OK, moving along.

4th time, he would go out almost to a swim so after an hr. I started to bribe him... I know, not good...   I’d back up 3 to 5 steps then tell him to come, when he got to me, he got a treat... and then again, till he was swimming  to get treat, and turned around till he got to land. Only did that twice, and then would throw the ball in the water more and more out there, before we went home he did swim... just not that far. Still, Great. I was so happy.

*** Little History how I have been doing this.*I attach a 6" leash around 2 loops on my shorts and a 30" from Jester to I. Well up to today that was working great. For when he would start to run off scared. He couldn't get away from me anymore than that. I could let him be away from me, so that I could go in the water & call him to me. Hoping for; monkey see monkey do.  LOL ***

5th time... Today... He went in the water with no other dogs around, and was swimming big time. I was so happy. Well wind would come and go on how fast things could take a ball away. And I on only a 30' leash I was doing A LOT of swimming myself. Well I don't know when or why I hadn't notice but Jester and I, where never going to reaching this ball together; It just wasn't going to happen this time. Even after people comment on how fast he was retrieving. This time was a NO. I had reached my limit; as much as I could, and being quiet might fool humans, I think, Jester felt my pain. I'm so happy my puppy and I are inseparable; meaning I take him to work about every day being able to I talk, play, & teach him a lot; has really paid off today. As much as he might have been able to retrieve the ball, I knew I had to get back to land. "poor me" Told him to leave it, and go "pointing to land" he turned but also a few times tried to get on me. It must have been in my voice. After telling him no, twice and to go... we made it without looking back. We had gotten out so far I hadn't even yet raped my mind around it till Jester was moving forward in the correct direction. I don't know that I would have made it all by myself. The leash never got tight where he pulled me in, but to know that option was there. I didn't have a negative thought in my head. I'm so happy to have him in my life!!! He even went out some more for a different ball.

He just keeps on going... LOL


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  • Kappa & MIsha(little stinker)
    Well done Jester~!!
    My mom wanted me to swim so much also, she adopted me last June and right away she took me to the beach. I did not show much interest at all, i sniffed it and i was done, but mom wasnt. She decided to make me do it, she took my leash and forced me to the water, i was ok with it but i did not swim. So she took off her shoes and went as far as she could without getting her shorts wet, she took me with her, it was too deep for me to walk so i had to swim, i did a circle and went back to the shore.
    MOm did not insist on doing more, every time we were at the beach she tried to make me go but i did not like it. And then one day we went to the dog beach and mom let me off leash, she was worried cause it was only around a month after she got me but she decided to let me go. And i was in heaven, i run miles after birds, and if they flew away to the water i run into the ocean and swam after them. Mom did not have to do anything, i did it myself.
    Now when we go to the lake or ocean i can not wait till mo throws me the toy so i can swim to retrieve it.
    ITs only a matter of time JEster, if u r meant to be great swimmer u r gonna be if not, the world wont end up only cause u r a labrador and u do not wanna swim.
    I wish u good luck and remember, just have fun!!!
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