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My mommy's upset because our local News told a story of a dog harming a child. She said he was my type of dog (or so the story says). My mommy told me that from this one dogs mistake some people around us may think I'm scary for anothers actions. Why mus
  • your dogs birth day (estimate if needed)m/d/y
    July 20 2009
    What breed is your dog?
    Rescued American Pit Bull Terrier
    What sex is your dog?
    Has your dog been spayed/neutered?
    How much does your dog weigh?
    68 Lbs.
    Are you looking to breed your dog?
    Are you looking for a puppy play date?
    Are you looking for a boarding buddy (I watch your dog/you watch mine)?
    Are you looking for a walking partner?
    Are you looking to meet other single dog owners?
    What level of training has your dog completed? Please list all training and achievments.
    Training in progress. Working on his CGC.
    Are you interested in agility course for your dog?
    Who is your vet?
    Mt. Hope Animal Hospital.



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Philly is an APBT rescued from a shelter in Fall River at about a year and a half old. He was found as a stray, but he was obviously poorly kept and ended up dumped off somewhere. He was covered in wounds, was filthy, and was only about 50 pounds when he was found (he should have been 70-75). You could see all his ribs.

His shelter threatened to put him to sleep because of his poor crop job and the fact he was untrained. I took him under my wing though because I instantly fell for him. He reminded me of a Pit Bull a few years earlier that I couldn't save, so I made it my job to save him.

We adopted him last May. He wasn't house trained, we assume he's never even been in a house before, knew no commands, and was properly socialized so he had to learn how to interact with people and dogs, (he's friendly, just didn't know how to interact).

One thing he did have going for him though was his heart. He is a sweet dogs who loves all animals and people. He is also eager to learn new things. It's been a year and now he is a perfect dog. He is still training though. Soon he'll take his CGC test and then will be a therapy dog!

Philly likes to run with dogs and play chase. He also is awesome with a Frisbee and loves fetch! He's a tennis ball nut so would be really good with flyball, but so far we have't tried that yet. He loves the water and would also be good at dock diving, as long as he's fetching a tennis ball. He's active and full of energy, so pretty much any sport that dogs can dog he'll be great at. I would really love to try him on an agility course too.

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